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Données de jeu Extensions de Fichier

ExtensionType de fichier
visual_processedWorld of Tanks 3D Model Surface Data
vivNeed for Speed Car Data
vl2Tribes 2 Game Data
vlogVASSAL Game Log Data
vmatDota 2 Material Data
vmdGabriel Knight II Video
vmfValve Map File
vmtrDoom 4 Game Material Data
vo2Celestial Impact Map Data
vobLive for Speed Car Data
voidHalf-Life Map Voids Data
volVideo Game Data
vosVirtual Orchestra Studio Data
voxpackSniper Fury Game Audio Data
vpFreeSpace Game Archive
vpHomeworld Game VP Data
vpcacheVisual Pinball Rendered Table Cache
vpkEverQuest II Game Archive
vpkTitanfall Game Archive
vpkValve Pak
vpluginOrcs Must Die! Game Plugin
vppRed Faction Game Package
vppVirtual Pool Game Data
vpp_pcSaints Row 2 Game Data
vpsVisual Pinball Script
vptVisual Pinball Table
vromfsWar Thunder Game Data
vsavVASSAL Saved Game
vshaderbinStronghold 3 Binary Shader Data
vsiBlake Stone Game Data
vsndDota 2 Audio
vsrLemmings Paintball Data
vtexDota 2 Texture Data
vvcInfinity Engine 1.0 Spell Casting FX
vvsDRIV3R VVS Data
vvvDRIV3R VVV Data
vxSonic Chronicles NDS VX Data
vx2Space Engineers Voxel Object Data
vxlTiberian Sun Voxel Animation
vxnFurcadia Game Data
wRe-Volt World File
wTrain Simulator World Data
w2entThe Witcher 2 Game Entity Data
w2lWulfram II Data
w2speechThe Witcher 2 Game Speech Data
w2stringsThe Witcher 2 Game Localization Data
w3aWarcraft 3 Map Abilities Data
w3bWarcraft 3 Map Destructables Data
w3dWarcraft 3 Map Doodads Data
w3dWolfenstein 3D Game Data
w3eWarcraft 3 Map Environment Data
w3gWarcraft 3 Replay
w3hWarcraft 3 Map Buffs Data
w3iWarcraft 3 Map Information
w3mWarcraft 3 Map
w3nWarcraft 3 Expansion Campaign
w3pWarcraft 3 Progress Data
w3qWarcraft 3 Map Upgrade Data
w3sWarcraft 3 Sounds Definition
w3tWarcraft 3 Map Items Data
w3uWarcraft 3 Custom Map
w3vWarcraft 3 Campaign Progress Data
w3xWarcraft 3 Extension Data
w3zWarcraft 3 Saved Game
wa2Wonderland Adventures Custom Adventure Data
wacDelta Force Boolean Logic Commands Data
wacInfinity Engine WAVC Audio Data
wadDoom Data File
wadTheme Park World Game Archive
wagTrain Simulator Wagon File
wagUrban Chaos Saved Game
wagameWorms Armageddon Recorded Game
waiWarcraft 3 AI Data
wakThe Battle for Middle-Earth Map Data
walBlack and White 2 Wall Data
walQuake 2 Texture
wamWorms World Party Game Data
wavcInfinity Engine WAVC Audio Data
wbmInfinity Engine WBM Data
wboxWorldBox Game Map
wbtToribash Help File
wcc2World Cricket Championship 2 Game Data
wdEarth 2140 Game Archive
wdReality Pump Game Package
wd1Earth 2150 Introduction Movie
wd2American Idol Data
wdbWorld of Warcraft Database
wddGTA 4 Ped and LOD Model
wdrGTA 4 Map and Weapon Model
wdrStar Wars: Tie Fighter Media Data
weapQuake 3 Engine Weapon Data
weapWolfenstein 3D Weapon Data
wedInfinity Engine 1.0 Map Data
wepVagrant Story Weapon Data
wepnHomeworld Weapon Data
wfFIFA 2000 Game Data
wftGTA 4 Car Model Data
wfxInfinity Engine Waveform Effects Data
wgFIFA 2000 Game Data
wgaPrisoner of War Game Data
wgameprofileX-Men Origins: Wolverine Profile
wgeoLeague of Legends World Geometry
wgfWidelands Saved Game
wglThe Games: Winter Challenge Tournament Data
wgmChalk Data
wgpWild Board Games Data
wgpkgWorld of Tanks Update Package
wgtWorms Armageddon Teams Data
whdHitman Game WHD Data
whdatWarhammer 40000: Armageddon Data
wheWarhammer 40000: Dawn of War Data
whirldUnity v4 Whirld Package
whmWarhammer 40000: Dawn of War Model Data
whsavWarhammer 40000: Armageddon Saved Game Data
wiFIFA 2000 WI Data
wicdemoWorld in Conflict Demo Saved Game
wicsavegameWorld in Conflict Saved Game
winNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit Installation Data
wipColin McRae: DiRT Data
wixXara Internal Graphics Data
wl1Wolfenstein 3D Game Data
wl3Wolfenstein 3D Registration Data
wldSerious Sam World Data
wldSettlers II World Map
wldSMBX World Data
wldTerraria World Data
wldxMoondust Project World Map Data
wlkDoom WadLink Script
wllThe Sims Wall Texture Data
wmapInfinity Engine Map Structure Data
wmfWidelands Map Data
wmoWorld of Warcraft World Model Object
wmpInfinity Engine WMP Data
wmwArmobiles Data File
wntSoldier of Fortune II Waypoint Data
wnvGrand Theft Auto V Navmesh Data
wo2Gothic II Game Data
wolfquestWolfQuest Saved Game
worldStarbound World Data
worldThe Sims 3 Create a World Data
worldWorldPainter File
wotbreplayWorld of Tanks Blitz Replay Data
wotmodWorld of Tanks Modification Data
wotreplayWorld of Tanks Replay
wowpreplayWorld of Warplanes Replay
wowpreportWorld of Warplanes Report
wowsreplayWorld of Warships Replay
wpakShadowbane: Throne of Oblivion Data
wpgIronsight Game Data
wplGTA 4 Item Placement Data
wpmWarcraft 3 Path Map Data
wpsPainkiller Overdose WPS Data
wptCube 2 Waypoint Data
wrmWormWorld Level Data
wrplWar Thunder Saved Replay
wrplWidelands Saved Replay
wrsBagger Simulator WRS Archive
wsThe Witcher 2 Game Script
wsaveBlockland Wrenchsave Data
wscWorms Armageddon Scheme Data
wsoThe Sims 3 Mesh Data
wssOperation Flashpoint Audio Data
wtdGTA 4 Texture Data
wtfWorld of Warcraft Config
wtpWarhammer 40000: Dawn of War Texture
wu8Mario Kart Wii Wiimm U8 Data
wwpWorms World Party Teams Data
wwwAnno 2070 World Configuration
wxMS Flight Simulator Weather File
wxdHomeworld Game Data
wxhHomeworld Sound Control Data
wxyLoL Wooxy Skin Data
wzMapleStory WZ Package
wzWarzone 2100 Data
wzgWZebra Game Data
wzlWinzle Puzzle
x13Hooligans game archive file
xaThe Sims Audio Data
xafBeat Down Game Data
xaiYs VIII XAST Archive
xanWorms 3D Map
xarcThe Longest Journey Audio Data
xbfEmperor: Battle for Dune Game Data
xbgWatch Dogs XBG Model
xbmpArea 51 Game Data
xbnFinal Fantasy 4 UI Layout Data
xbrAzurik: Rise Of Perathia Data
xbsavMass Effect 2 for Xbox Saved Game
xbwUnreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict Data
xcrWarlords Battlecry Game Data
xdThe Dark Mod eXternal Data
xduThe Suffering: Ties That Bind Game Data
xenGuitar Hero III Data
xfbinNaruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Data
xfsGunbound Game Data
xgeXtreme Gammon Game Data
xgaDiamond Mind Baseball Account Info
xmbAge of Empires XMB Data
xmbTest Drive Unlimited Archive
xmbX-Wing Mission Briefing
xmgThe Longest Journey XMG Image
xmodAge of Wushu 3D Model Data
xniStar Wars: The Force Unleashed Game Data
xntKrazy Rain Note
xofReality Lab 3D Image
xomWorms 3D Object
xpXPilot Map
xp0Stalker Data
xp2XPilot NG Map Data
xp3KiriKiri Package
xpacSonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Audio Archive
xpakCall of Duty Game Archive
xpixNonogram Puzzle
xpkWWF RAW Game Model
xplX-Plane Plug-in
xr1Xargon Data
xr1Xargon Game Data
xrdCore Wars Game Data
xrsDig It! Game Data
xsAge of Empires III AI Settings
xsbSokoban++ Level Data
xscrUFO: Extraterrestrials Game Data
xsktAge of Wushu Skeleton Data
xsmSimCity Societies Game Data
xtblSaints Row 4 Game Data
xtlVietcong Data
xvmconfWorld of Tanks XVM Configuration
xwcThe Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Data
xwiStar Wars: X-Wing Mission Data
xwmElder Scrolls V: Skyrim Audio Data
xxwZero Engine Terrain Data
y3aYu-Gi-Oh! Online 3 Avatar Data
y3dYu-Gi-Oh! Online 3 Deck Data
y3pYu-Gi-Oh! Online 3 Profile Data
y3tYu-Gi-Oh! Online 3 Tag Data
y64Commandos 2: Men of Courage Mission Data
yafSmackDown Game Audio Data
ycaYlands Workshop Export Data
ycmYugioh Card Maker Data
ydcYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Card Deck
yddGrand Theft Auto V Drawable Dictionary Data
ydkYGOPRO Deck Data
ydrFiveM 3D Model
ydrGrand Theft Auto V 3D Model Data
ydrYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Replay
ydtYu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Game Data
yfsYSFLIGHT Scenery Data
yftGrand Theft Auto V Fragment Object
ygtYlands Game Template
yifMungyodance Game Data
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