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Project File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
pcoPComposer Notation Project
pcrCreatacard Postcard Project
pdfigPDF Index Generator Project
pdmPhoto DVD Maker Project
pdmdBlu-Disc Studio Project
pdpPrintShop Deluxe Project
pdprjSybase PowerDesigner Project
pdprojectParticle Designer Project
pdrprojPowerDirector Mobile Project
pdsprjProteus Project
pdyPyQtDeploy Project
pebprjPEBundle Project
pepTurboProject Project
perlctrlPerl Dev Kit PerlCtrl Project
perlnetPerl Dev Kit PerlNET Project
perlsvcPerl Dev Kit Windows Service Project
perltrayPerl Dev Kit PerlTray Project
pewIAR Embedded Workbench Project
pewVisitor Project File
pf0SmartWare Main Menu Project
pf1SmartWare Spreadsheet Project
pf2SmartWare Word Processor Project
pf3SmartWare Text Project
pf4SmartWare Communications Project
pflPDFill Project
pfpPanorama Factory Project
pgtSothink DHTML Menu Project
phdCyberlink PhotoDirector Project
phjPhCNC Project File
photoshowRoxio PhotoShow Project
phpCreataCard Quick Prints Project
phpMicrosoft Picture It! Publishing Project
phpprojPHP Tools for Visual Studio Project
phprPHPRunner Project
phxprojPhoenix Project
piaISaGRAF Project
piaPanaVue ImageAssembler Project
pikaPika Software Builder Project
pimPixMaker Project
pipdPIPE-FLO Demo Project
pipePIPE-FLO Project
pisPS2DIS Project
pivPivot Animator Project
pixatePixate Studio Project
pixelaPixela Project
pixilPixilart Project
pj2xPlan Project
pj4Electric Quilt 4 Project
pj5Electric Quilt 5 Project
pj6Electric Quilt 6 Project
pj7Electric Quilt 7 Project
pj8Electric Quilt 8 Project
pjcThe Master Genealogist Project
pjhHyperLynx BoardSim Project
pjrDVDx Project
pjsTestComplete Project Suite File
pjtAcuBench Project
pjtDidger Project
pjwWindLDR 6 Project Settings
pjxVisual FoxPro Project
pkdPower Video Karaoke Project
pkgprojPacketExpress Project
pkpVisual Studio Packaging Project
plotdocPlotagon Project
plpPicaLoader Project
plprojAdobe Prelude Project
pmatrixPriority Matrix Project
pmjPhotoMix Project
pmlprjAutodesk PowerMILL Project
pmlprjzAutodesk PowerMILL Archived Project
pmpPHPMaker Project
pmrPhotoModeler Project
pmxBroderbund PrintMaster Project
pmxmlPrimavera P6 XML Project
pnprojProgrammer's Notepad Project
pnptProgrammer's Notepad Project Template
pntPanther Project
pnvPCschematic PowerDistribution Project
podOpenProj Project
podPodFlow Project
powerproPowerPro Project
ppcMobile Data Studio Project
ppdPhotoImpression Project
ppfAlchemy Publisher Project
ppfTransit NXT Project
ppjAdobe Premiere Project
pppCyberlink PowerProducer Project
pprAsix UP Programmer Project
pprProShow Producer Project
pprPSPad Project
pprjInstallAnywhere Project
pprjProtege Project
pprojAdobe Premiere Pro Project
pqpPano2QTVR Project
prSource Insight Project
prSqueak Project
pr5KNX ETS v3 Project
praPrint Artist 24 Project
prdgElastic Reality Project
prelAdobe Premiere Elements Project
previzFrameForge Storyboard Studio Previsualization Project
prfproj.NET Memory Profiler Project
prgHarbour Module
prhColdFusion Studio Project
prjAIMMS Project
prjElectric Quilt 3 Project
prjMaestro Project
prjSOCET SET Project File
prjSteinberg WaveLab Workspace
prjcorAltium Designer Core Project
prjembAltium Designer Embedded Software Design Project
prjfpgAltium Designer FPGA Design Project
prjmbdAltium Designer Multi-board Project
prjpcbAltium Designer PCB Design Project
prjscrAltium Designer Script Project
prjtFastReporter 2 Project Template
prjxSharpDevelop Project
prjzipMaestro Compressed Project
prmAquaCrop Multiple Project
prmrAdobe Premiere for Mac Project
proALEID2000 Project
proAquaCrop Single Project
proKiCad Project File
proPunch! Home Design Project
proTerramodel Project
projApple Interface Builder Project
projInsight II NMR Project
projL3DT Project
projectApple Project Builder for WebObjects Project
projectCODESYS v3 Project
projectLabCognition Panorama Project
projectarchiveCODESYS v3 Project Archive
prprojAdobe Premiere Pro Project
prwGP-Pro EX Project
prxKNX ETS v2 Project
prxPrimavera P3 Compressed Project
psdprjProteus Design Suite Project
pseAdobe Photoshop Elements Project
pspdPhotoSuite 5 Project
psprjPolyspace Project
psprojPyScripter Project
psprojThe Print Shop Project
psxprjPhotoScape X Project
ptcopPxTone Collage Project
ptePicturesToExe Project
ptmPTMac Project
ptoHugin Project
ptpDocklight Project
ptrFlash Intro Builder Project
ptsPTGui Project
ptvMemoriesOnTV Project
ptvWnSoft Video Builder Project
ptxPtex Project
publishedMicrosoft Project Server Published Project
pv2ProVAL v2 Analysis Project
pv3ProVAL v3 Analysis Project
pvdImageMixer Project
pworksPrintworks Project
pxPXwin Project
pxfTransit XV Pack Project
pxgProxyGen 9 Project
pxjRoxio Recordnow! Project
pxpSwiftlight Project
pyprojVisual Studio Python Project
pzPanzoid Clipmaker Project
pzfGraphPad Prism 4 Project
pzfxGraphPad Prism 5 Project
pzmGraphPad Prism 3 Project
pzpMGI Photosuite Project
q3cQuick 3D Cover Project
q3dQuest3D Project
qetQElectroTech Project
qhcpQT Help Collection Project
qhpQT Help Project
qmzQMarxanZ Project Settings
qpfAltera Quartus II Project
qprjTHINK Pascal Project
qprojFreeQ IDE Project
qsbframesQuickShow Frames/Animation Data
qshwQuickShow Timeline-based Laser Show
qsmdqStopMotion Animation Project
qspQSetup Project
qvpViewletBuilder Project
qv~ViewletBuilder Project Backup
qxpQuarkXPress Project
qxwQLC+ Workspace
r3projRPG Maker 2003 Project
ra6ReliaSoft ALTA 6 Project
ralpReliaSoft ALTA 7 Project
ravRave Reports Project
rb6ReliaSoft BlockSim 6 Project
rbpRealBasic Project
rbpReliaSoft BlockSim 7 Project
rbvcpReal Studio Subversion Project
rcdxSTAAD Advanced Concrete Design Project
rclRecolored Project
rclRoxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 Project
rcpRecap Project
rcpRich Chart Builder Project
rcprojectApple Reality Composer Project
rcprojectiMovie 08 Project
rcvRoofCon Viewer Project
rcxRedCine-X Project
rcyReCycle Document
rdfRELUX Project
rdoeReliaSoft DOE++ Project
rdprojReport Direct Project
rdwReal-DRAW Project
redBoris RED Project
resourceUnity 3D Assets Data
retRETScreen Project
rf0SmartWare Runtime Project
rf1SmartWare Spreadsheet Runtime Project
rf2SmartWare Word Processor Runtime Project
rf3SmartWare Runtime Project
rf4SmartWare Communications Runtime Project
rgaReliaSoft RGA 6 Project
rga7ReliaSoft RGA 7 Project
rgnDDTitle Project
rgpRosegarden Project Package
rhvRhvac Project
rlcLoopCAD Project
rmpOpen Workbench Project
rnbOkapi Rainbow Project
rnpReliaSoft RENO 1 Project
rnqRenque Project
rnqpRenque Presentation
roROwin Project
rpAxure RP Project
rp4Reliance 4 Project
rpeOPC Router 4 Configuration Project
rpgprojectRPG Maker MV Project
rpjRelex Project
rppREAPER Project
rppkgAxure RP Project Package
rpprjAxure RP Shared Project
rpqAutoCAD Architecture Project Repath Queue
rprRapidBuilder Simulation Project
rprjRide7 Project
rprojR Project
rptprojMicrosoft SQL Server Report Project
rpwRPWiz Project
rpyIBM Rational Rhapsody Project
rpyxIBM Rational Rhapsody 8.3 Project
rqsRequisitePro Project Information
rqtfNI Requirements Gateway Project
rskRiskMan Risk Project
rsnReason Project
rso7ReliaSoft Office 7 Project
rspIBM Rational Robot Project
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