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Project File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
lppCyberLink LabelPrint Project
lppLets Photo Express Project
lpuSDL Passolo Localization Project
ls3Lumion Project
ls7Lumion v7 Project
lsePointCab Laser Scanning Project
lsoLogic Audio Project
lsprojFaro SCENE Laser Scanner Project
lsprojLens Studio Project
lsprojLivestream Studio Project
lsprojLoiLoScope Project
lsprojMicrosoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Project
lsxprojMicrosoft Visual Studio 2013 LightSwitch Project
lsxtprojMicrosoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Project
ltpSilk Performer Project
ltsLabelled Transition System Analyser Project
ltwIncrediMail Letter Creator Project
lunDB-MAIN Project
lutxLutron RadioRA 2 Project Database
lv1LiVES Clip Backup
lv2LiVES Project
lvprojLabVIEW Project
lvprojxLabVIEW Web UI Project
lvrbtLabVIEW NXT Robot Project
lvuLivid Union Project
lxsoptLiquid XML Studio Project Options
lxsprojLiquid XML Studio Project
m2jMoldex3D Shell Project
m2kMAXQDA 1 Project
m3jMoldex3D Solid Project
m7pMultilizer Project File
magicsMagics Project
maniMine-imator Animation Project
mbdMultimedia Builder Project
mblockmBlock Project
mbpCyberLink MediaShow Project
mbpMedbasin Project
mbpavmicroBasic Pro for AVR Project
mbppimicroBasic Pro for PIC Project
mcfCEWE Creator Photobook Project
mcpCodeWarrior Project
mcpMPLAB IDE Project
mcpavmicroC for AVR Project
mcpjPlayMemories Project
mcppimicroC for PIC Project
mcsMimics Project
mcspMy Craft Studio Project
mcsxMy Craft Studio Professional Project
mcwMacaw Project
md8GarageCUBE Modul8 Project
md8Mediator 8 Project
mdjStarUML Project File
mdrMagicDraw Project
mdsTestComplete Project
mdspMinGW Developer Studio Project
mdtpMDT3 Tool Project
mdxmlMagicDraw UML Project
mdzipMagicDraw Project Archive
me3Arcsoft MultiMedia Email 3.0 Project
medRSView Development Project
mepbMovavi Video Editor Project
mepjMovavi Video Editor Plus Project
mepxMovavi Video Editor Project
mfgMediaForge Runtime Project
mfpMediaFACE Project
mftMediaFACE Project Template
mfwMultimedia Fusion Project
mg1MusiGenesis Project
mgcbEquation Illustrator Project
mgeIntergraph MGE Project
mglMosASCII Graphics Library
mheMHwinEHE Project
mhpMicrosoft Picture It! Home Publishing Project
miprMacImage Hybrid CD-ROM Project
miprjMadCap Mimic Project
miradiMiradi v4 Project
misoMacImage ISO+ Project
missionMissionMaker Project
mitkMITK Project
mkbMarmalade SDK Project
ml3Milestones v3 Project
ml4Milestones v4 Project
ml5Milestones v5 Project
ml6Milestones Professional 2000 Project
ml7Milestones Professional 2002 Project
ml8Milestones Professional 2004 Project
ml9Milestones Professional 2004U Project
mlaMilestones Professional 2006 Project
mlbMilestones Professional 2008 Project
mlbMyLabel Designer Deluxe Project
mldMilestones Professional 2010 Project
mleMilestones Professional 2012 Project
mlpMilestones Project Companion Project
mlprojMATLAB Project
mlsMilestones Simplicity Project
mltShotcut Project
mmbArgus ONE Project
mmjprojectMusic Maker JAM Project
mmlpMacrotune Music Macro Language Project
mmpGammadyne Mailer Project
mmpLMMS Project
mmpMaster Album Maker Project
mmppMaterial Maker Paint Project
mmprCodeWarrior Project
mmpzLMMS Compressed Project
mobiriseMobirise Project
mochaMocha Pro Project
modelprojVisual Studio Modeling Project
mohoAnime Studio Animation Project
mohoMoho Animation Project
mohoprojMoho Project
mokeyBoris FX Mokey Project
mpAutodesk Maya 3D Project
mp10NI Multisim 10 Project
mp11NI Multisim 11 Project
mp12NI Multisim 12 Project
mp13NI Multisim 13 Project
mp14NI Multisim 14 Project
mp7NI Multisim 7 Project
mp8NI Multisim 8 Project
mp9NI Multisim 9 Project
mpaMitsubishi E-Designer Project
mpdpMixPad Project
mpfMainActor Project
mphMAGIX PhotoStory Project
mpiInstallJammer Project
mpjAdobe RoboHelp HTML Project
mpjmessiahStudio Project
mpjMinitab Project
mpjSTOIK MorphMan Project
mpjVideo Edit Magic project
mpjxMinitab Express Project
mppavmicroPascal Pro for AVR Project
mpppimicroPascal Pro for PIC Project
mppzMagicPlot Project
mprMOUSE Project
mprjMiles Sound System 10 Project
mprjNI Maschine Project
mprojMine-imator Project
mprojectMerlin Project Project
mpwMosASCII Project Workspace
mpxMinitab 19 Project
mpzMiradi Project
mpzSignIQ Project
mqwQuanquest Project
mraMari Project Archive
mrfWinMorph Project
msdvdWindows DVD Maker Project
mseCyberLink MediaShow Slideshow Project
mseMSwinEHE Project
mshAdobe Visual Communicator Project
mspNI Multisim Project
msprojMessage Studio Project
mswmmMicrosoft Windows Movie Maker Project
mtcMake the Cut! Project
mtglMaltego Project
mtjMotionTracking Project
mtpWeintekHMI EasyBuilder 8000 Project
mtqMINTEQA2 Project
museAdobe Muse Website Project
mvbaBentley MicroStation VBA Project
mvdMovie Edit Pro Video Project
mveMuvee autoProducer v5 Project
mvexMuvee autoProducer v6 Project
mvjMoldex3D eDesign Project
mvpMAGIX Movie Edit Pro Project
mvpMoviePlus Project
mvplMicrosoft Visual Programming Language Project
mvyMAGIX Video Easy Project
mw2MicroWorlds Pro Project
mwaMicroWorlds EX Turtle File
mweMotionWorks IEC Express Project
mwtMotionWorks IEC Pro Project
mwzMicroWorlds Pro Compressed Project
mx2MAXQDA 2 Project
mx3MAXQDA 2007 Project
mx4MAXQDA 10 Project
mx4templateMixcraft 4 Audio Project Template
mx5MAXQDA 11 Project
mx5templateMixcraft 5 Audio Project Template
mx6Mixcraft Audio Project
mxcMixcraft 2 Audio Project
mxmMAGIX Xtreme PhotoStory Project
mxp3-matic Project
mxprjMXPro Project
mxprjNI Maschine Project
mxprojectSTM32CubeMX Project
myhmyHouse Project
nbtitleNewBlue Titler Pro Project
ncorAdobe Encore Project
ncorxAdobe Encore Project
ndpNick-O-Matic Design Factory Project
ndprjNeoDownloader Project
nepNeAkustik SPM Project
nepprjNEPLAN Project
netnetViz Enterprise Project
netspdNetSpot Survey Project
niInform 7 Project
nmpNewsMaker Project
npfNero SoundTrax Project
nprSteinberg Nuendo Project
nrjNero Jukebox Compilation
nrproj.NET Reactor Project
nsqNPrinting Project
nsxNSB/AppStudio Project
ntfMediaFACE Project
ntpNatron Project
nunitNUnit Project
nuprojNuGet Build Project
nuprojNuProj Project
nvpNVivo for Windows Project
nvpxNVivo for Mac Project
nwfNero WaveEditor Project
nwsCreatacard Newsletter Project
nxdndxCards Index Card Project
ocpOffline Commander project
oerAU OER Tools Project
oipOxford Instruments AZtec Project
ojjObjectJ Project
olprojAdobe Onlocation Project
opfKEPServerEX Project
opfVisualOMP Project
opjCadence OrCAD Project
opjOrigin Project
opjuOrigin Unicode Project
opzOPTech Project
ormdesignerORM Designer Project
osfOrbit Strabo Project
ospOpenShot Project
otmMicrosoft Outlook VBA Project
otoAutoPano Project
owdOpenWire Studio Project
owsWeb Studio Project
oxygeneOxygene Project
ozvORTIMzeit Project
p2bpFlippingBook Publisher Book Project
p2gCyberlink Power2Go Project
p4dPix4D Project
p5dPlanner 5D Project
p5pCakewalk Project5 Project
p7eEQStitch Project
paPrint Artist Project
papPanoramaStudio Project
papPhotoAnim Project
pbpPhoenix Visual Designer Project
pbpPowerBASIC Project
pbpPulseBoy Project
pbprojApple Project Builder Project
pbxprojApple Project Builder Xcode Project
pcPCwinEHE Project
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