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ExtensionFile Type
sublime-workspaceSublime Text Workspace
sugarEspresso Plug-in
suppiOS Application SC Info SUPP File
svpSonique Visualization Plugin
sw2Softwrap License
switchSwitch Package
sxsSAS Stat Studio Module
sxscrSIMetrix Script
sxzSnarl Extension
sycSYSTAT Command
sysMS-DOS System File
sysSystem File
t3xTYPO3 Extension File
taskHP Printer Utility Task Plugin
taslNASL Pedant TASL Script
tbpAston Toolbar Plug-in
tbpThe Bat! Plugin
tbsTuneUp Utilities Boot Screen
tco2TI-Nspire CX II OS Image
tdThunder Incomplete Download
td5Panasonic KTS Application
tdzDrobo Firmware File
tebTEAC Firmware Update Data
tfuTorpedo Live Firmware Update
tgkTerragen License Key
tgpTerragen Plugin
thnAMC Graphic Workshop Thumbnail
thumbnailsAndroid Thumbnails Folder
tipTuneUp Utilities Icon Package
tisAcronis True Image Script
tkoAMX Software Module
tlsTuneUp Utilities Logon Screen
tmbTimbuktu Pro Connection Data
tmpGeneral Temporary File
tmsTelemate Script
tncTI-Nspire CAS OS Image
tnoTI-Nspire OS Image
tnrGPS Pathfinder Pro XR Firmware
tobj18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin Game Data
torrentBitTorrent Meta File
tpbThumbsPlus v7 Batch Script
tpkeyTexturePacker License Key
tplAdobe Photoshop Tool Presets
tppThumbsPlus Plugin
tp_batchThumbsPlus v10 Batch Script
tp_pluginThumbsPlus Plugin
transportHP Printer Utility for Mac Transport Plugin
trashesMac OS X Trash Folder
trx_dllMicrosoft Office Dynamic Link Library
ts3_addonTeamSpeak 3 Add-on
ts3_pluginTeamSpeak 3 Plugin
tscZemax Tolerance Script
tskPocket PC Theme Skin
tvexQuickTime Movie Player Extension
twxIBM Business Process Manager Application
tx$Bitware Modem Driver
tzsTUGZip Script
uaqMicrosoft Windows Action Queue
ubfMXT3010 Universal Boot Format Firmware
ucbUnstoppable Copier Batch
ucmdLCom Update Command File
udmMapView User Defined Module
ueafProtector Suite QL Encrypted Data
uf2USB Flashing Format Data
ugoirapixiv Ugoira Animated Image
ulsMicrosoft NetMeeting User Location Service File
unfUniversal NES Image Format ROM
up5Baby Lock Sewing Machine Software Update
upcUltimate Paint Graphics Editor Plugin
urcUnicenter Remote Control Script
urlInternet Shortcut
urmUnreal Engine 2 Runtime Executable File
utzUIQ Theme Package
uxzIBM Flex System Firmware Update
v2uTI Voyage 200 System Update
v3fADP v3 Application
v6fADP v6 Application
vbeeEmEditor VBScript Macro
vbnSymantec Antivirus Quarantine File
vcaVAKCER Project Tracker COM Add-in
vdpluginVirtualDub Plugin File
vdxMicrosoft Windows 32-bit System Driver
veeAgilent VEE Program
verVersion Information
vfpTMPGenc VFAPI Plugin
vg2Polycom PVX VG2 Log
vgjBMC Server Automation Virtual Guest Job
vidMS-DOS Video Driver
viivoViivo Encrypted Data
virVirus-Infected File
vlCitrix Program Neighborhood Database File
vltWinVault File Archive
vmhfVMware ACE Hot Fix
vmhrVMware ACE Hot Fix Request
vmoappVMware vCenter Orchestrator Application
volmacOS Volfs Directory
vpc6Microsoft Virtual PC 6 VM Data
vpc7Microsoft Virtual PC 7 VM Data
vpgVAKCER Project Tracker DLL Plug-in
vpoVAST Programmer Data
vprogAkai VIP Program
vsfVoltage SecureFile Encrypted File
vskVicon Nexus Skeleton Data
vsmacroMicrosoft Visual Studio Macro
vst2Ableton Live VST2 Plugin
vst3Cubase VST Plugin
vstiEveryone Piano VST Plugin
vstoMicrosoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Add-in
vtscrVT Trader Screen Data
vwpVoxWare MetaVoice Plug-in
vxdWindows Virtual Device Driver
vxeAgilent VEE Runtime Program
vxfLine 6 Variax Firmware File
vxxMicrosoft Windows IOsubsys Driver
w31Windows 3.1 Startup File
w40Windows 95 System File Copy
w5sWinAMP 5 System Plugin
w95Windows 95 Startup File
w98Windows 98 Startup File
wacWinAMP Component Plugin
wbmWebmin Module
wbsWinbot Script
wcxTotal Commander Packer Plugin
wdgtDashboard Widget
wdicMicrosoft Word 5 for Mac Plug-in
wdrPsion Series 3 Printer Driver
wdxTotal Commander Content Plugin
weblocMacintosh URL Shortcut
websiteInternet Explorer Pinned Site Shortcut
wfxTotal Commander File System Plugin
whUnionfs Whited Out File
whtMicrosoft NetMeeting Whiteboard
wlmsWindows Live Movie Maker Script
wlmxWindows Live Movie Maker Effect
wlpkRenault R-Link Update Package
wlxTotal Commander Lister Plugin
workflowAutomator Workflow
wpeWordPerfect Entrust Document
wpiWCPUID Plug-in
wrpdWrapid Encapsulated Application
wryptPanWrypter Depleted Storage Volume
wsimFirstStop WebSearch Import Module
wspAdobe ImageReady Application Workspace
wsrmacWindows Speech Recognition Macro
wssxMicrosoft Windows Server Add-in
wt6602PC Suite Plugin
wtaWintune Library
wtcLogitech Webcam Watch File
wxmwxMaxima Batch File
wxmlWeChat Mini Program
wxnWaixing NES ROM Image
xconConceal Encrypted Data
xeXMOS Executable
xeoSignwave Auto-Illustrator Extension
xfmAdobe Audition XFM Plug-in
xiaChiasmus Encrypted File
xisChiasmus Key File
xl3Vegaelec XL3 System Data
xlnkXML Link
xmdBitdefender Plugin
xmoAdobe Authorware Movie Driver
xmscFileMaker Pro XML Export Script
xmssFileMaker Pro XML Script
xmwxExamSoft SofTest Working Data
xnkMicrosoft Exchange Public Folder Shortcut
xptMozilla Firefox XPCOM Type Library
xpxXPRafts Macro
xrnxRenoise Tool
xrsReal Player External Resource
xslicXenServer License Data
xteaXTEA Encyrpted Data
xtnOSLib Program
xtndAdobe Acrobat for Mac Plug-in
xtraAdobe Director Xtra Extension
xuvBlueFlash Firmware Image
xxcCentraline COACH Controller Firmware
xxe_addonXMLmind XML Editor Add-on
ybdYobiDrive Link
ympYaST Meta Package
yncyEnc Encoded File
ytiGoogle Picasa Plugin
yxwzAlteryx Designer Analytic App
z0ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed JS File
z1ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed VB File
zexZOOM MRS-802 System File
zfsendtoWindows Compressed Folder Shortcut
zgHoneywell MP Compact4 Firmware
zgiZoomerang Web Survey Page
zgkZIPGenius Key Data
zl0ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed ADE File
zl1ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed ADP File
zl2ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed BAS File
zl3ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed BAT File
zl4ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed CHM File
zl5ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed CMD File
zl6ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed COM File
zl7ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed CPL File
zl8ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed CRT File
zl9ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed EXE
zlaZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed HLP File
zlcZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed INF File
zldZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed INS File
zleZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed ISP File
zlfZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed JSE File
zlhZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed MDB File
zliZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed MDE File
zljZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed MSC File
zlkZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed MSI File
zllZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed MSP File
zlmZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed MST File
zlnZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed PCD File
zloZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed PIF File
zlpZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed REG File
zlqZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed SCR
zlrZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed SCT File
zlsZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed SHS File
zltZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed URL
zluZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed VBE File
zlvZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed VBS File
zlwZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed WSC File
zlxZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed WSF File
zlyZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed WSH File
zlzZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed ASX File
zm0ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed DBX File
zm2ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed MDZ File
zm8ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed MHT File
zm9ZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed ZIP File
zmaZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed RAR File
zmbZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed DLL File
zmdZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed OCX File
zmeZoneAlarm MailSafe Renamed SYS File
zmpZModeler Plugin
zmsZephyr Eclipse Server Macro Script
zpmZPanel Module
zscZBrush Script
ztrDigital Video Duplicator Template Media File
zvmZBasic Virtual Machine Firmware
zwsZiLOG Developer Studio Workspace
zxpAdobe Zip-based Creative Suite Extension
zzzCCleaner Securely Deleted File
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