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Graphic File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
mrcMRC Image
mrfMarks Russel Format Image
mrsidMulti-resolution Seamless Image Database
mrwMinolta RAW Image
mrxsMIRAX Virtual Slide
mskBIAS Fringe Processor Image
mspMicrosoft Paint Image
mtiffMulti-page TIFF Format Data
mtlAlias Wavefront Material Data
mtvMTV Raytracer Image
mtxMaw-Ware Texture
mvgMagick Vector Graphics
mxc3Magix Photo Manager Thumbnail
mxiMaxwell Render Image
mylMyLogoMaker Image
mzmMegaZeux Image
naplpsNorth American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax Data
ncrNCR Image
ncyFlashCam Frame
nd2NIS-Elements Image Sequence
ndpiHamamatsu NanoZoomer Slide
ndpisHamamatsu NanoZoomer Fluorescent Image
nefNikon RAW Image
neoNeochrome Bitmap
nggNokia Group Graphic
ngrNEPLAN Graphic Data
nicNici Encrypted Image
niffNavy Image File Format Bitmap
nlmNokia LogoManager Bitmap
nolNokia Operator Logo
npmNeopaint Mask
npsdNPS Image Editor Document
nslNokia Startup Logo
nsoNetStudio Easy Web Graphics Data
ntfNational Imagery Transmission Format
nvgNokia N8 Image
nwpMagentic Wallpaper
oazOAZ Fax Image
ociOpenCanvas Image
ocpC64 Advanced Art Studio Image
odaCALS Group 4 Type 2 Bitmap
odgOpenDocument Graphics Data
odiOpenDocument Image
offASCII Object File Format
ofxOlicom Fax Image
oilOpen Image Library Image
oirOlympus Microscope OIR Image
olrwOpenlab Raw Format
omeOpen Microscopy Environment Bitmap Image
omiOrbit GIS Multiresolution Image
oraMyPaint Open Raster Graphic Data
oraOpenRaster Image
orfOlympus RAW Image
otaNokia OTA Bitmap
otbOTA Bitmap
otgOpenDocument Graphics Template
otiOpenDocument Image Template
pZX81 Sinclair Basic Image
p11TRS-80 Color P11 Image
p2Pic2 Image
p3cAtari ST Compressed D-GRAPH Image
p3dPeak3D 3D Graphics
p41TRS-80 Color P41 Image
p4iCommodore 16 Bitmap Image
p64C64 Picasso 64 Image
p7XV Visual Schnauzer Bitmap
pa3Atari ST Pablo Paint Image
pacAtari Stad Compressed Bitmap
paiMagix Photo Clinic Image
palDr. Halo External Color Palette
palmPalm OS Bitmap Image
pamPortable Arbitrary Map
panSmoothMove Panorama Image
patCorel Paint Shop Pro Pattern
patCorelDraw Pattern
patGimp Pattern
paxPickAx Encrypted Image
pbmPortable Bitmap Image
pbxAtari ST QuantumPaint Image
pc1Atari Degas Elite Compressed Low Resolution Image
pc2Atari Degas Elite Compressed Medium Resolution Image
pc3Atari Degas Elite Compressed High Resolution Image
pcdKodak PhotoCD Image
pcdsPhoto-CD Multi-resolution Bitmap Image
pciAtari ST Tobias Richter Fullscreen Slideshow
pcjIBM LinkWay Graphics Data
pcsAtari ST PhotoChrome Image
pctMSX2 Dynamic Publisher Image
pcxPC PaintBrush Bitmap
pczCompressed Macintosh PICT Image
pdFlexiSIGN 5 Plotter Document
pdMale MRI Image
pdbTealPaint Image Database
pddAdobe PhotoDeluxe Image
pdnPaint.NET Image File
pdsPlanetary Data System Image
pdwHijaak Vector Graphic Data
pdxMayura Draw Graphics Data
pe4Ulead PhotoExpress 4 Image
pefPentax Electronic Format
peiPerformer Software PEI Encrypted Image
petCommodore 64 PETSCII Editor Image
pfiPanorama Factory Image
pfiPhotoFiltre Image
pfsPFS HDR Image
pfsPhotoFiltre Saved Selection
pfvPhotoFiltre Vectorial
pfxPageflipper Plus F/X Animation
pfzPixelSafe Encrypted Image
pgCASIO FX-Link-Kit Graphic Data
pgIBM LinkWay Page Cut and Paste Data
pg0Atari ST Paintworks Bitmap
pg1Atari ST Graphics Processor Image
pg2Atari ST Graphics Processor 2 Image
pgcPortfolio Graphics Compressed Bitmap
pgfPortfolio Graphics Bitmap
pgmPortable Graymap Image
pgmaASCII Portable Graymap Image
pgmbBinary Portable Graymap Image
pgrAtari 8-bit PowerGraphics Image
phpCallisto PhotoParade Slideshow
piBlazing Paddles Bitmap
piFM Towns Bitmap Image
pi1Atari Degas Low Resolution Image
pi2Atari Degas Medium Resolution Image
pi3Atari Degas High Resolution Image
pi4Atari Degas TT Raster Image
pi4Atari Falcon FPaint Image
picElectronika BK Bitmap Image
picHoudini 3D Image
picNEC PC-88 VA PIC Image
picPC Paint Image
picPictor Paint Image
picncHoudini 3D Non-commercial Image
picsApple QuickDraw PICT Drawing Sequence
pictQuickDraw Pict Image
pict1QuickDraw Pict Image Backup
pii36-Image Converter Inet Image
pinAtari ST Image
piqtQuickTime Still Picture
pixAlias Wavefront Picture
pixAtari Falcon PixArt Image
pixBRender Image
pixBRL-CAD RAW Image
pixadexPixadex Icon
pixelpaintPixelPaint Professional Image
pjgPackJPG Compressed JPEG Image
pjpgProgressive JPEG Image
pl5MSX2 Graph Saurus PL5 Image
pl7Graph Saurus Bitmap Image
plaAtariTools-800 Player Data
plasmaImageMagick Plasma Fractal Image
pldPhotoLine Image
plpPhoto Locker Picture
plsAtari 8-bit SFDN Compressed Plama 256 Image
pmPM Bitmap Image
pmbPolar Uplink Tool Bitmap
pmdPMG Designer Picture
pmePixela Digital Picture
pmgAtari 8-bit PMG Designer Image
pmgPaint Magic Bitmap
pmpThumbsPlus Graphics Data
pncPanasonic Network Camera Compressed Image
pngPortable Network Graphics Image
png-largeTweetDeck PNG Image
pnjMNG Portable Network JPEG Format Image
pnlApplied Precision CellWorX Image
pnmPortable Anymap Image
pntAtari Falcon Prism Paint Image
pobjPhoto Pos Pro Vector Object
poscPentagon 1024 Overscan Data
ppCommodore 64 Pixel Perfect Bitmap
pp4Micrografx Picture Publisher 4.0 Image
pp5Micrografx Picture Publisher 5.0 Image
pphAmstrad CPC Perfect Pix Image
ppmPortable Pixmap Image
ppmaPortable Pixmap Image ASCII
ppmbBinary Portable Pixmap Image
pppAtari ST Pablo Paint Image
pppCommodore 64 Pixel Perfect Compressed Bitmap
pppPunk Productions Picture
ppsCorel Paint Shop Pro Image
prSun Icon/Cursor
preLotus Freelance Graphics Presentation
prfFastgraph Bitmap Graphics Data
prfPolychrome Recursive Format Image
priPrisms Picture
procreateProcreate Document
przLotus Freelance Graphics 96 Presentation
psbAdobe Photoshop Large Document
pscAtari ST Compressed PaintShop Image
psdAdobe Photoshop Image
psdbPixelStyle Photo Editor Image
psdcAdobe Photoshop Cloud Document
psdtAdobe Photoshop CC Template
psdxAdobe Photoshop Touch Document
pseIBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap
psfArcSoft PhotoStudio Image
psicArcSoft PhotoStudio Icon
psidPostScript Image Data
pspCorel Paint Shop Pro Image
pspframeCorel Paint Shop Pro Frame
pspimageCorel Paint Shop Pro Image
pspmaskCorel Paint Shop Pro Mask
psptubeCorel Paint Shop Pro Tube
ptexPtex Texture Data
ptgArtRage Painting Image
ptifPyramid Encoded TIFF
ptrOS/2 Warp Cursor Image
puzzX11 Puzzle Bitmap Graphics Data
pvrPowerVR Texture
pvrtcPVRTC Compressed Texture Data
pwcPieceWise-Constant Image
pwpPhotoWorks Image
pwsPrint Workshop Image
pxaPixia Image
pxbPixibox Image
pxdPixlr Layered Image
pxmPixelmator Brush File
pxnLogitech Fotoman Pixtura Photo
pxnPictureWorks PhotoEnhancer Image
pxrPixar Image
pxsPegs Image
pyxelPyxel Edit Document
pz3Poser Scene
pzzPoser Compressed Scene
q0Q0 Bitmap Image
q4NEC PC-98 XLD4 Image
qdvRandom Dot QDV Bitmap
qgfQPS QINSy Graphics Data
qifQuickTime QIF Image
qmgSamsung Phone Theme Graphics
qoiQuite OK Image Format
qpcKaleidaGraph Plot
qs4Sinclair QL Hires Screen
qs8Sinclair QL 8 Colors Screen
qslSinclair QL Laced Screen Data
qtiQuickTime Image
qtkApple QuickTake Picture
r3dREDCODE RAW Video Image
ra2Flare RAW Image
rafFujifilm Raw Image
ragAtari Falcon RAG-D Image
rapAtari 8-bit Vidig Paint Image
rasSun Raster Image
ratHoudini 3D Random Access Texture Map
rawAtari 8-bit XL-Paint MAX Image
rawRaw Image Data
rawSageThumbs RAW Image
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