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Game Data File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
ra3skirmishRed Alert 3 Skirmish Data
radqNeed for Madness Game Archive
rafLeague of Legends Game Archive
rasMax Payne Game Data
rastSpore Texture Data
ravFIFA 2001 Game Environment Data
rbDivinity: Original Sin RB Data
rbdDark Vengeance Data
rbfWarhammer 40000: Dawn of War 2 Binary Data
rblxROBLOX Game Data
rbmxROBLOX Library
rbxlROBLOX Location Data
rbxlxROBLOX Location XML Data
rbxmROBLOX Model Data
rbxsROBLOX Script
rbzRail Baron Player Saved Game
rbzRichard Burns Rally Data
rcLeft 4 Dead RC Data
rc4Microsoft Flight Simulator Customisation Data
rccRan Online Resource Script
rceVGA Planets 4 Race Pack
rcfPrototype Game Data
rcrmLSPDFR Mini Crash Report
rcsColin McRae Rally Saved Game
rd2TOCA Race Driver 2 Data File
rdaAnno 2070 Game Archive
rdePainkiller Overdose Game Data
rdmAnno 2070 Building Animation Data
rdmRagdoll Masters Settings
rdtG-Police Game Data
rdzipRhythm Doctor Custom Level
recCompany of Heroes Replay
recDeluxe Ski Jump 3 Record Data
recElasto Mania Replay
refTrain Simulator Reference Data
rekoRekoNet Cardset
repGTA Game Replay
repGTA San Andreas Game Replay
repStarCraft Game Replay
repX-Plane Replay Data
replUltimate Stunts Replay
replayFortnite Game Replay
replayRocket League Game Replay
resdexStronghold 3 Resource Data
resident2Resident Evil 2 Saved Game
ressUnity 3D Model Archive
rezEscape Velocity Plug-in
rfaBattlefield 1942 Data
rfcRavenfield Content Archive
rfdEmperor: Battle for Dune Data
rffBlood Game Archive
rfgs_pcRed Faction: Guerilla Saved Game
rfmrFactor Modification
rfxRealFlight Archive
riXpand Rally Xtreme Race Information Data
ricochetlwRicochet: Lost Worlds Round Data
rigAntibody Model Rig Data
rigid_meshEmpire: Total War Mesh Data
rigid_modelEmpire: Total War Model
rimBioWare Resource Image
rimDragon Age: Origins Game Archive
rkcMario Kart Wii Saved Game
rkgMario Kart Wii Ghost Car Data
rkpREKO Cardgames Deluxe Cardset Data
rkvProject Snowblind Game Data
rkvStar Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes Game Archive
rlThe 7th Guest Archive
rl1Descent Registered Level Data
rl2Descent 2 Level Data
rlstThe Sims 3 Data
rlwRicochet Lost Worlds: Recharged Game Data
rmdpQuantum Break Game Data
rmeFinal Fantasy Audio Data
rmfValve Hammer Rich Map Format Data
rmlWatch Dogs 2 Configuration Data
rmoRolemaster Character Data
rmsRise of Nations Random Data
rndpPokemon Random Preseeds Data
rnqsPokemon Randomization Quick Settings
rnrThe 11th Hour Game Data
roacjCall of Juarez Game Resource Data
rofJedi Knight: Jedi Academy Animation File
roflLeague of Legends Replay File
romKilling Floor Map Data
roqID Software Game Video
rosBattleScribe Roster Editor Data
rotHomeworld 2 Graphics Data
rotRise of the Triad Game Data
rovRescue Rover Game Data
rp1Indycar Racing 2 Racing Intro Data
rp3Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Replay Data
rpackCall of Juarez Game Data
rpfGrand Theft Auto V Game Archive
rpgmvmRPG Maker MV Encrypted M4A Audio
rpgmvoRPG Maker MV Encrypted OGG Audio
rpgmvpRPG Maker MV Encrypted PNG Image
rpgsaveRPG Maker Saved Game
rpkgHitman Game Package
rplSpecial Force Replay Data
rplToribash Replay
rptSRB2 Crash Report
rpyTouhou Project Replay Data
rrcDrakan: Order Of The Flame Game Data
rrsRoad Rash Save File
rsXpand Rally Xtreme Replay Data
rs2RailSim2 Saved Layout
rs5IonFx Miasmata RS5 Data
rsaMinecraft Game Codesign Data
rscCarnivores: Ice Age Map Areas Data
rscNASCAR Racing 2003 Paint Shop Controller Data
rscWarcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans Game Data
rsgDrakan: Order of the Flame Data
rsgpRuneScape Game Data
rshWarhammer 40K Texture Data
rsmRuneSword 2 Game Data
rtdRacer Telemetry Data
rtonPlants vs. Zombies Game Data
rtzQuake 2 Eraser Bot Route Data
rvdataRPG Maker VX Data File
rvdata2RPG Maker VX Ace Data File
rviRevenant Game Data
rvmapArmed Assault Texture Data
rvmatArmed Assault Texture Material Data
rvnRiven Game Data
rvsRevenant Game Archive
rwBVE Trainsim Railway Definition Data
rwdMicrosoft Flight Simulator Rewards Data
rwsRimWorld Saved Game Data
rwvJF-18 Audio Resource
rwxActiveWorlds RWX Model
rx3FIFA 12 Game Data
rxdataRPG Maker XP Data
sTrain Simulator Shape Data
s10Brasfoot Saved Game
s11Descent 2 Game Data
s16Football Manager Data
s2Stranded 2 Mapfile
s2dataStarCraft II Data
s2mStronghold 2 Map
s2maStarCraft II Map Data
s2mhStarCraft II Map Header
s2miStarCraft II Cache
s2mlStarCraft 2 Map Localization Data
s2mvStarCraft II Map Preview
s2qhStarCraft 2 Localization Header
s2qlStarCraft 2 Unit Localization Data
s2rSavage 2 Replay Data
s2zHeroes of Newerth Game Data
s3darcTimeShift Data
s3dpakTimeShift Data
s3fSlitherine 3D Model
s3lScorched 3D Model Data
s3mScorched 3D Mod
s3rRTL Ski Jumping Replay Data
s3sSamorost 3 Saved Game
s3tScorched 3D Tankpack
s4mSWAT 4 Map Data
s4sStalker CS Game Shader Data
s6savegameThe Settlers: Rise of an Empire Saved Game
sabJedi Knight: Jedi Academy Saber Data
sabSabotain Game Archive
saberBeat Saber Saber
sablCall of Duty: Black Ops II Game Data
sabsCall of Duty: Black Ops II Sound Archive
sacred2saveSacred 2 Saved Game
sadBlack and White Audio Data
sadlBioware Aurora SADL Data
sadxSonic Adventure DX Game Data
sakPostal Game Data
samiGrand Theft Auto San Andres Mod Installer File
sanRebel Assault 2: The Hidden Empire Data
sasbxSpace Agency Sandbox Data
savFallout 2 Map Archive
savFortnite Client Settings Data
savMass Effect 3 Saved Game
sav2SuperPower Saved Game Data
saveANNO 2205 Saved Game
saveDoom 3 Saved Game
saveRocket League Saved Game
saveThe Sims 4 Saved Game
sawLiving Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles Data
sazOrder of Battle Saved Game Data
sbBattlefield 4 Audio Data
sb0Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Game Data
sbcSpace Engineers Game Data
sbfDelta Force Stream Binary Data
sbfresBreath of the Wild Compressed Model
sbgCompany of Heroes Map
sbmSpace Engineers Mod Data
sc1SimCity Game Data
sc2SimCity 2000 City Data
sc2World of Tanks Blitz Model Data
sc2000SimCity 2000 Tileset Data
sc2archiveStarCraft 2 Archive Data
sc2assetsStarCraft 2 Assets Data
sc2bankStarCraft 2 Bank Data
sc2localeStarCraft 2 Localization Data
sc2mapStarCraft 2 Map Data
sc2modStarCraft 2 Modification Package
sc2replayStarCraft 2 Replay Data
sc2saveStarCraft 2 Saved Game
sc2sceneStarCraft II Cut Scene
sc3SimCity 3000 Saved City
sc4RollerCoaster Tycoon Scenario Data
sc4SimCity 4 Saved Game
sc4descSimCity 4 Description
sc4lotSimCity 4 Lot Data
sc4modelSimCity 4 Model
sc4pathSimCity 4 Network Paths Data
sc5Locomotion Scenario Data
sc6RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 Scenario
scbCommand and Conquer World Builder Script
sce2Marathon 2 Scenario Data
sceaAleph One Map Data
sceneAntibody Level Data
scfFShell Mission Success Condition Format Data
scfSimTown Sounds Data
schemMinecraft Schematic Data
schemWorldEdit Schematics Data
schematicMCEdit Schematic
sclpFallout 4 Sceleton Data
sclvlScritter's Nest Game Level Data
scmGTA III Mission Data
scmStarCraft Map
scnFlying-Model-Simulator Scenery Data
scnHPS Ancient Warfare Scenario Data
scnMen of War: Assault Squad 2 Mission Data
scnOpenTTD Scenario Data
scnSimCity Scenario Data
scoOMSI Scenery Object File
scrDelta Force Dialog Scripts Data
scrLeft 4 Dead Game Data
scrXpand Rally Xtreme Player Profile
scsDuke Nukem Manhattan Project Data
scsHunting Unlimited 3 Game Data
scsSimCity Societies Saved Game Data
scskinSurvivalCraft Skin Data
scspackSimCity Societies Transfer Package
sctSimCity 3000 Real-world Terrain City Data
scworldSurvivalCraft World
scxStarCraft: Brood War Map
sczOrder of Battle Scenario Data
sdTrain Simulator Shape Definition Data
sd7Spring 7ZIP Compressed Data File
sd9Beatmania IIDX Audio Data
sdatBioware Aurora SDAT Data
sdfDelta Force Sound Definition Data
sdfWorld in Conflict Game Map
sdpFallout 3 Shader Package
sdtDungeon Keeper 2 Game Archive
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