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Game Data File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
genomeCell Lab Design
geoHomeworld Geometry Data
geopcdxTrain Simulator 3D Model Data
gfbmdlPokemon Sword and Shield Model Data
gfcDoom 3 GFC Data
gffBioware Generic File Format
gfpkScarlet Blade Game Archive
gfxWarcraft II: Tides of Darkness Image
gg1Goofy Golf Deluxe Course Data
gg2Goofy Golf Deluxe Saved Game Data
gglAnimal Quest Game Data
ggpackThimbleweed Park Resource Archive
ggpkPath of Exile Game Data
ghbLego Racers Data File
ghsGlider Pro House Data
gicBioware Aurora Game Instance Comments
gitBioware Waypoint Instance Struct
gjdThe 7th Guest Media File
glStar Crusader Game Archive
glaQuake 3 Arena Skeleton Data
glaStar Wars: Jedi Knight Game Animation Data
gla2Modern Combat 5 Game Data
glbGlulx Blorb Game Data
glbRaptor: Call of the Shadows Data
glbUltimate Stunts Binary 3D Model
gliAirline Tycoon Game Data
glksaveZoom Saved Game Data
glmStar Wars: Jedi Knight Game Model Data
gltUltimate Stunts Text 3D Model
gluHardball Game Data
gmTransport Tycoon Music Data
gm1Heroes of Might and Magic III Saved Game
gm1Stronghold Crusader GM1 Image
gmaGMod Addon
gmadGMod Game Data
gmapGraalOnline Game Map Data
gmd2Geometry Dash Game Level
gmeGunbound Main Executable
gmfRobot Arena 2 Graphics Data
gmodGolgotha 3D Model Data
gmpGrand Theft Auto 2 Map Data
gmpRailroad Tycoon 3 Game Data
gmsGMod Saved Data
gmtrFactor Model
gmvCyberboard Move File
goatGoat Simulator Map
gobDark Forces Game Archive
godPopulous II Saved Game
gogGOG.com Archive
gooJedi Knight: Mysteries of The Sith Game Data
goomodWorld of Goo Add-on
gorMyth: The Fallen Lords Game Data
gotGod of Thunder Music Data
gpacSim Brothel Game Data
gpfRagnarok Online Game Patch
gpfStar Trek Elite Force 2 Gameplay Data
gpmCrossword Puzzle
gpmRagnarok Online Game Update Data
gr2Divinity: Original Sin GR2 Data
graalGraalOnline Game Level Data
grfOpenTTD Graphics Data
grfRagnarok Online Game Data
grfTransport Tycoon Graphics Resource Data
grhLittle Fighter Game Data
grleFarming Simulator Game Data
grmAnno 2070 Script
grmDelta Force Facial Expressions Data
groSerious Sam Game Data
groWarlords Battlecry Game Archive
grpDuke Nukem 3D Archive
grpStarCraft Graphics Group Data
grpTransport Fever Group Parameters Data
grpinfoIon Fury GRP Settings
grvThe 7th Guest Data
gscCall of Duty Script
gsnCyberboard Scenario
gstNeed for Speed Game Data
gtworldGrowtopia World Data
guiAliens vs. Predator Game GUI Data
guiDoom 3 GUI Data
guiInfinity Engine GUI Data
gutShadow Company: Left for Dead Data
gvmPhantasy Star Online Game Data
gvrPhantasy Star Online Game Resource
gw1Gateworld Data File
gxtGrand Theft Auto 2 Text
gyuImouto Paradise Data
gzpGiants Citizen Kabuto Data
gzrGunZ Replay
h2oBattle Realms Game Data
h3cHeroes of Might and Magic III Campaign Data
h3mHeroes of Might and Magic 3 Map Data
h4cHeroes of Might and Magic IV Map
h4mResident Evil Zero Game Data
h4rHeroes of Might and Magic IV Data
h5cHeroes of Might and Magic V Campaign Data
h5mHeroes of Might and Magic V Map Data
h5pHeroes of Might and Magic V Game Data
h5uAge of Heroes Online Mod Data
h6rHeroes of Might and Magic VI Data
hagOrion Burger Game Data
hakBioware Aurora HAK Data
halMortyr Game Archive
hamDescent 2 HAM Resource
hambuRGTW Game Map Data
hatDuck Game Custom Hat Data
hatFormula 1 2001 Car Race 2001 Log Hat
haxagonSuper Haxagon Game Data
hazMicrosoft Flight Simulator HAZ Texture Data
hbaThreadSpace: Hyperbol Data
hbr2HaxBall Replay Data
hbsHaxBall Stadium Format Data
hbyHornby Virtual Railway Data
hcaPro Evolution Soccer 2014 Sound
hdrTransport Fever Game Texture Data
hePajama Sam 4 Game Archive
he0Humongous Entertainment Game Archive
heaFIFA 2001 Game Data
heartssave-msMicrosoft Hearts Save
helHellbender Saved Game
heliRealFlight Helicopter Model Data
herfSonic Chronicles NDS Game Data
hesHudson Entertainment Sound
hfbHell Fighter Battle Data
hg1Hellgate: London Saved Game
hghStar Wars: Tie Fighter High Score Data
hgpHighGrow Game Data
hgtBattlezone HGT Data
hhiThe Sims 4 Game Data
hifDiablo: Hellfire Item Data
hilDeluxe Ski Jump 3 Hill Data
himROSE Online Highmaps Data
hitThe Sims Sound File
hiwacsaveWarnings at Waverly Academy Saved Game
hkePainkiller Overdose Game Data
hkxElder Scrolls V: Skyrim Animation Data
hl1Half-Life Saved Game
hl2Half-Life 2 Saved Game
hlkWarhammer 40000: Dawn of War 2 Animation
hllBoulder Dash Game Data
hlsSimCity 4 Hitlist
hmdHighway Pursuit Game Data
hmdlSega CANVAS Engine Model
hmpDescent MIDI Audio Data
hmpFrontier: First Encounters Game Audio
hmpWorms Height Map
hnmCryo HNM Movie Soundtrack
hobStar Trek: Birth of the Federation Ship Data
hodHomeworld Game Data
hofOMSI HOF Data
hogDescent Mission File
hoggStar Trek Online Game Data
hoi4Hearts of Iron IV Saved Game
honmodHoN Modification Manager File
honreplayHeroes of Newerth Replay Data
hopSpongebob Squarepants: The Movie Data
hopThe Incredibles Data File
hotThe Sims Sound
hotspotHomeworld Cursor Information Data
hpiSpring HAPI Compressed Data File
hpiTotal Annihilation Game Archive
hpkTropico 3 Game Data
hpnHarpoon Classic Game Data
hpsHPL2 Script
hqmMinecraft Hardcore Questing Mode Data
hqrLittle Big Adventure Scene Data File
hsLaserTank High Scores Data
hsmThe Sims Sound Data
hstVGA Planets Host Data
hsvDiablo: Hellfire Single Player Character Data
htgHackTheGame Mission Pack
htmodHardware Tycoon Game Mod
hulRe-Volt Collision Data
hullHalf-Life Map Collision Hull Data
humOMSI Human Configuration File
hvaCommand and Conquer: Tiberian Sun Game Data
hvpObscure Game Data
hwdHedgewars Demo
hwlHangman Deluxe Word List
hwmapHedgewars Drawn Map
hwsHedgewars Saved Game
hxmDescent 2 Resource Modification
i3animpackPoint Blank Animation Package
i3chrPoint Blank Game Data
i3dHidden and Dangerous I3D Model Data
i3packPoint Blank Game Data
i3sPoint Blank Game Data
iaiDelta Force Game Item Attributes Info
iaoImperiumAO Game Data
ib2IncrediBots 2 Saved Challenge
ib3IncrediBots 3 Saved Challenge
ibchIncrediBots Challenge Data
ibfFinal Fantasy XI Game Data
ibiRaven Software ICARUS Compiled Script
ibreIncrediBots Saved Replay
ibroIncrediBots Robot
ibtThief: Deadly Shadows Texture Data
icdDungeon Keeper 2 Game Data
icdRayman 2 ICD Data
icv1000 Miglia ICV Data
idSimCity 4 Channel Identification Data
ideGTA 4 Item Definition Data
idmIndigo Prophecy Game Archive
idsInfinity Engine Text Based Lookup Table
idxHellgate: London Game Archive
idx0Runescape Cache Index
idx255Runescape Cache
iexThe Tuttles Madcap Misadventures Data
iflDescent 3 Ship Graphic Data
ifoAnno 2070 Configuration
ifoBioware Information File
ifoROSE Online Map Data
ifpGrand Theft Auto Animation Data
ifpGTA III Animation
ifrFormula One 2001 Game Data
ig2Industry Giant 2 Map
ikCryENGINE IK Animation
iklInkBall Game Data
ikpMario Kart Wii IKP Data
ilbAge of Wonders Image Library
illPicross Puzzle Data
imTrainz Game Indexed Mesh Data
ima3Lock On AddOn Data
imgbFinal Fantasy XIII Model
imsStar Wars: Rebel Assault Game Data
imuStar Wars: Force Commander Audio Data
indWell of Souls Game Data
indexid Tech 6 Index Data
indexStarCraft Index Data
infoMinecraft Forge Information Data
infoSimCity 4 Album Info Data
inibinLeague of Legends Data
innPhantasmagoria Settings
intDevastation Language Data
intFallout Compiled Script
intPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time Video
invINVedit File
invLineage Inventory Data
invRainbow Six: Rogue Spear Inventory
ioArabian Nights Game Data
ioBraveheart Game Data
iopLost Saga Game Data
ipfGTA III Animation Data
iplGTA III Placement Data
irkiArcade Game Package
isbVanguard: Saga of Heroes Music File
isdAnno 2070 Mission Data
isrGoMoku Game Data
issThe Longest Journey IMA ADPCM Data
it2IT2 Game Level
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