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Game Data File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
dwdDoom ASCII Map
dwiDance With Intensity Song
dwpDarwin Pond Saved Data
dxDeus Ex Map File
dxhHouse of the Dead 3 Extracted Data
dxmDeus Ex Modloader Map
dxpPilesOTiles DXP Data
dxrVegas Jackpot Gold Game Data
dxsDeus Ex Saved Game
dxtThe Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Texture Data
dxwDimensioneX World Data
dzLand of the Dead Game Level
dz2Dungeons 2 Saved Game
dzbThe Wind Waker Collision Mesh Data
dzipThe Witcher 2 Game Archive
dzrThe Wind Waker Room Data
dzsThe Wind Waker Worldspace Data
e2gmPangea Enigmo 2 Custom Game
e3Esoteria Game Data
e3modEmergency 3 Mod Package
e4modEmergency 4 ModPack
e4pEmergency 4 Prototype File
ea3FIFA 2001 Game Data
eanDragonBall Xenoverse Animation
ebmRagnarok Online Game Emblem Data
ebzEmpire Builder Pronto Saved Game
eclTouhou Danmakufu Stage Script
ecwEclipseCrossword CrossWord Puzzle
eddsDayZ Compressed Image
edtFootball Manager Mod Data
eepfEmuOS Exchangeable Packet
eesEmpire Earth Scenario Data
efcAnno 2070 Effect Data
efdemoStar Trek: Voyager - Elite Force Demo
effEverQuest Effects Data
effInfinity Engine 2.0 Effects
eftROSE Online Effect Data
efxJedi Knight: Jedi Academy FX Data
efxQuake 3 Arena Effects Data
eggBeat Saber Custom Song
eglSabre Ace: Conflict Over Korea Data
egmEnigmo Solutions File
egmThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Morph Data
egrpExplorations RPG Game Engine Resource
egtThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Texture Data
eicEast India Company Saved Game
eixMetin2 Game Data
ek63DS 6th Pokemon Save
ekvLeft 4 Dead Game Data
ekvTitanfall Game Settings Data
ekxNintendo 3DS Pokemon Encrypted Save Data
elbWWII Fighters Audio Data
elmEternal Lands Map Data
eluQuake 3 Arena Model Shell Data
elvAces Hight Map Elevation Data
embbMiddle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Game Data
emdChessBase Tablebase Data
emdDragonBall Xenoverse Model
emiPocket Tanks Emitter File
emipAmong Us Custom Skin Data
emmStreet Fighter IV Model
emtEverQuest Game Data
emwResident Evil Game Data
emzStreet Fighter IV Compressed Model
encCabal Online Data
endDelta Force Cinematics Data
engNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit English Car Data
engbX-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse Game Data
entEschalon: Book I Saved Game Data
entriesRuneScape Entries Data
envDelta Force Environment Data
envMotocross Madness 2 Track Data
envTrain Simulator Environment Data
envX-Plane Scenery Data
epbConstructor Video Data
epcDoctor Who Game Data
epkMetin2 Game Data Package
eqgEverQuest Game Data
erbEvil Genius Resource Data
erfBioware Encapsulated Resource File
erfDragon Age: Origins Game Resources Data
ermHMM3: In the Wake of Gods ERM Script
erpAlter Ego Game Archive
erpF1 2015 Game Texture Data
ertHeroes of Might and Magic III Script
esSerious Sam Entity Class Data
escapePrison Architect Escape Mode Saved Game
esfEmpire: Total War Campaign Settings Data
esgEnigmo Saved Game
esiEscape Game Level Index Data
eskDragonBall Xenoverse Skeleton
esmElder Scrolls V: Skyrim Master Data
esmFallout 3 Master Data
espElder Scrolls V: Skyrim Game Plugin
espFallout 3 Game Plugin
essThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Saved Game
est_uaxUnreal Tournament Spanish Sound Package
esxEscape Game Level Data
eu3Europa Universalis III Saved Game
eu4Europa Universalis IV Saved Game
eugHearts of Iron 2 Scenario Data
eurMonster Hunter Freedom Unite Europe Saved Game
evdGTA 4 Extended Vehicle Data
eventsHomeworld Events Data
evpTalisman Online Game Data
evwpMonster Hunter: World Weapon Data
ewlEclipseCrossword Word List File
exaWarcraft II Game EXA Data
excBlack and White Zone Data
exhNHL 08 Exhibition Roster Data
exlNSkill Neocron Character Builder Data
exmpSimCity 4 Cohort Data
exsBlades of Exile Scenario Data
ezvEnigma: Rising Tide Game Data
f2kFreecell 2000 Data
f3dMotoRacer 3 Model
f3fCrazy Machines Font
facBioware Aurora Faction
famThe Sims Family Data
farThe Sims Archive
fatFar Cry Primal Game Data
fatPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time Audio Info
fbdF-22 Lightning Gravis Joystick Control Data
fbiTotal Annihilation Main Unit Definition
fbqTrine 2 Data
fbrbBattlefield: Bad Company 2 Game Data
fbxDota 2 3D Model Data
fbxUnreal Engine 4 Scene
fbzShadowgrounds Game Data
fcAnno 2070 FC Configuration
fc2mapFar Cry 2 User Map
fceNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit 3D Mesh Data
fcmfCraft World
fcpPhantasy Star Online 2 Cast Data
fcrRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Camera Data
fdCall of Duty Game FD Data
fdaWarhammer 40000: Dawn of War 2 Audio Data
feuFar Cry 3 Data
ffCoD2 Fast File
ffFreedom Force Game Data
ff7Final Fantasy VII Saved Game
ffdFATE Saved Game
fflAliens vs. Predator Game FastFile Data
ffnFIFA Game Data
ffnaGuild Wars Game Data
ffsdNintendo Wii U Mii Data
fifamodFIFA Mod Manager Data
filConstructor Game Data
filaAleph One Film Data
filterPath of Exile Filter Data
fjbFurcadia FJB Settings
flFreelancer Saved Game
flareHomeworld Flare Data
fldYSFlight Field Data
flmodFreelancer Mod Manager Archive
flrThe Sims Floor Texture
flsPainkiller Overdose FLS Data
fltMen of War: Assault Squad 2 Game Data
fmfFootball Manager 2012 Data
fmlWWF RAW Character
fomodFallout 3 Mod Archive
forgeAssassin's Creed Game Data
fosFallout 3 Saved Game
fowWindward Game Data
foxFurcadia Art Data
fpHomeworld Game FP Data
fp1Flying Pigs for Windows Data
fp2Insaniquarium Deluxe Fish Data
fpeFPS Creator Entity File
fpiFPS Creator Intelligence Script
fpidFPS Creator AI Wizard Data File
fpkCivilization 4 Game Data
fpmFPS Creator Map
fpmbFPS Creator Map Buffer
fpmoFPS Creator Map Overlay
fpopSpider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Saved Game
fpsOperation Flashpoint FPS Data
frcMicrosoft Flight Simulator Recorded Movie
frdNeed for Speed Track Data
freecellsave-msFreeCell Saved Game
frmFallout Graphics Data
frm16Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader Game Data
frwRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Fireworks Data
fs2FreeSpace 2 Saved Mission
fs5Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery Data
fs6Microsoft Flight Simulator Panels Data
fscSimCity 4 Freshness Scores Data
fscWorms Armageddon Fiddler Data
fsgFreeCol Saved Game
fshAquazone Fish Data
fshFurcadia FSH Data
fsmFreeSpace Saved Mission
fssaveMicrosoft Flight Simulator Save Data
fstCrazy Machines 2 Data
fsysPokemon: Battle Revolution Data
ftcDream League Soccer Asset Data
ftexMario Kart 8 Cafe Texture Data
ftlFaster Than Light Mod Data
fukPort Royale 3 Game Data
fukPostal 2 Map Data
fuzElder Scrolls V: Skyrim Voice Data
fv2Metal Gear Solid V Game Data
fwdRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Fireworks Display Data
fwpWorms Armageddon Fiddler Weapon Data
fxThe Secret of Monkey Island Shader Data
fxsThe Land of UM FX Data
fxtGrand Theft Auto External Text Data
fzdAIRLINE City Data
g0sMetal Gear Solid V G0S Data
g2dAlexander Game Data
g3pGrandprix 3 Car Physics Data
g3xRealFlight Content
g4bSokoban++ Level Data
gafTotal Annihilation Texture
galsaveGalactrix Saved Game
gamCyberboard Game File
gamInfinity Engine Saved Game Data
gameApple Chess Saved Game
ganiGraalOnline Animation
garFarming Simulator Game Archive
gauMicrosoft Flight Simulator Gauge File
gaxAge of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion v1.0 Saved Game
gazAge of Empires II Saved Game
gblGravityball Game Data
gblorbGlulx Blorb Game File
gbotGrimoire Bot Data
gbxCyberboard GameBox File
gbxTrackMania GameBox Data
gbxmapBrothers In Arms: Earned In Blood Game Data
gcGalactic Conquest Saved Game
gcStar Wars Battlefront II Saved Game
gca3GURPS Character Assistant Data
gca4GURPS Character Data
gca4baseGURPS Character Base Data
gca4partyGURPS Character Party Data
gcdFallout 2 Character Profile
gciGrand Theft Auto 2 Vehicle Data
gciSonic Adventure DX Saved Game
gcsGURPS Character Sheet Data
gcscenarioGalactic Conquest Scenario Data
gctOcarina Code Manager Data
gcv3D SexVilla Game Movie
gdaDragon Age Game Data
gdbStar Trek Elite Force 2 Game Data
gdfGURPS Data File
gdgClose Combat 4: The Battle of the Bulge Data
gdtCall of Duty GDT Data
gduXLarn User Data
gdwJaws Unleashed Data
geaFIFA 2000 Game Data
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