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Game Data File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
cmlCrazy Machines Lab Data
cmpFreelancer 3D Model Layout
cmpSWAT 3 Compressed Audio
cmsCar Mechanic Simulator Car Model
cnbPool Of Radiance Game Data
cnc3campaignCommand and Conquer 3 Campaign Data
cnc3replayCommand and Conquer 3 Replay
cnfKiSS Configuration Data
cnkPool of Radiance Game Data
cnsMugen Character States Data
cntHidden and Dangerous Game Content
cobCreatures Compiled Object
cobTotal Annihilation Unit Script
codeGraalOnline Encrypted Data
cofDiablo 2 COF Animation Data
cokCarmageddon Game Data
colGrand Theft Auto Collision Data
comfycakessave-msComfy Cakes Saved Game
companyLocomotion Company Owner Face
compiledPlants vs. Zombies Compiled Resource Data
compressedTransport Fever Compressed Cache Data
conBattlefield 1942 Configuration Data
conROSE Online NPC Dialogs Data
conTrain Simulator Model Identification
conTransport Fever Game Configuration
conUnreal 2: The Awakening Audio Data
contentRust Game Data
contraptionBad Piggies Contraption Data
controlsOpenBVE Keyboard Shortcuts
cosCreatures Object Source Code
courseSuper Mario ReMaker Course Data
cowThief Game COW Data
cp3Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape
cpckProfessor Layton Game Package
cpgStarCraft Campaign Data
cpkCRI Middleware Package
cplnKalOnline Extended Module Data
cpnAge of Mythology Campaign Data
cpnGrim Dawn Default Character Data
cpoChessBase Positions Openings
cprPort Royale Game Archive
cpsThe Powder Toy Saved Game Data
cptDelta Force Converted Terrain Data
cpxAge of Empires: The Rise of Rome Campaign Data
craftKSP Spacecraft Data
creInfinity Engine Creature
crfThief Game Data
crhLinks 386 Pro Game Data
crpCities: Skylines Colossal Raw Asset Package
crplCreeper World 3 Script
crsDance With Intensity Game Data
crsStepmania Course Data
cryCryENGINE Map Data
crysisjmsfCrysis Saved Game
crysispsfCrysis Warhead Saved Game
crzLinks Course Data
csTribes 2 Game Script
cs2Cosmic Break CS2 Skin
csbStreet Fighter IV Audio Data
csc18 Wheels of Steel CSC Data
cslAnno 2070 Script
csmpMetroid Prime 3 Audio
cssaveCooking Simulator Saved Game
cstGary Gadget Plugin
csvThe Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Hint Data
ct41000 Miglia Game Data
ctdCardTable Data
ctdThe Simpsons: Cartoon Studio Exported Data
ctgChessBase Opening Book Data
ctlStepmania Package Description
ctmStar Wars: Republic Commando Map Data
ctpCivilization: Call to Power Game Data
ctxValve ICE Encoded Script
ctyRailroad Tycoon 3 Cargo Data
ctySimCity City Data
cupRoland Garros Tennis Terrain Data
customtankWee Tanks! Custom Tank
cv3Civilization 3 Saved Game
cvfTrain Simulator Cab View Data
cvmOdin Sphere Game Data
cw1Creeper World Game Map Data
cw2Creeper World 2 Map Data
cwdCardwar Cards deck
cwdNonogram Crosswords Puzzle
cwdQNonogram Puzzle CWD Data
cwgCastle of the Winds Data
cyrCrysis Game Data
cytoidlevelCytoid Level Archive
dInfinity Engine Dialogue Data
d01Indigo Prophecy Game Data
d1bankMechAssault Audio Data
d2iATMA Diablo II Items Data
d2jd2jsp Script
d2pDiablo 2 Packet Data
d2sDiablo 2 Saved Game
d2uDeus Ex: Invisible War Data
d2xDiablo 2 Player Stash Data
d3cDescent 3 Data
d3dbspCall of Duty Map Data
d3fMechCommander 2 Encyclopedia File
d3lDescent 3 Level Data
d3mDescent 3 Data
d3sDRIV3R D3S Data
d3tDoom Texture Data
da6AGT Game Data
da7Star Trek Generations Saved Game Data
dacChips Challenge DAC File
dagWorld Championship Poker 2 Game Data
dapDragon Age: Origins Game Settings Data
darkestDarkest Dungeon Game Data
dasDragon Age: Origins Saved Game
datAlan IF Adventure Data
datMinecraft Game Data
datPrince of Persia Game Data
datSimCity 4 Game Data
datUnreal Tournament Game Data
dataArena Wars Game Archive
dat_mcrMinecraft Level Data Backup
dat_newMinecraft New Level Data Backup
dat_oldMinecraft Old Level Data Backup
dawgEliot Dictionary Data
dayDay of the Zombie Map
dayzprofileDayZ Game Profile
dazipDragon Age: Origins Game Data
dbStalker X-Ray Engine Database
db0Stalker Game Data
db3Dr. Brain Game Data
dbdFly! Database
dbdfSimCity 4 DBDF Data
dbfDelta Force Binary Dialog Data
dbiFly! Database Index
dbpfSimCity 4 Packed Database
dbtFly! Database Template
dc6Diablo 2 Graphics Data
dccDiablo 2 Animation Data
dcgPro Pinball: Fantastic Journey Data
dcziDance Character Model
dd2Dungeon Designer 2 Map Design
dd3Blood Bowl Game Data
ddbCommand and Conquer: Renegade Data
ddfDoom Definition Data
ddjSilkRoad Online Image
ddoTank3D Game Data
ddpokersaveDD Poker Saved Game
ddsxStronghold Kingdoms Game Data
ddtFootball Manager Data
ddtJill of the Jungle Music Data
ddvOddworld: Abes Oddysee Data
declDoom 3 Declaration Data
defDelta Force Weapon Profile Data
defDoom 3 Map Definition Data
defMugen Character Definitions Data
dekLackeyCCG Deck File
dekMagic: The Gathering Deck
dekYugioh Virtual Desktop Deck File
demo4Unreal Tournament 2004 Game Demo
depgraphbinThe Division Game Data
derfDungeon Bot Engine Room Data
desTribes 2 Game DES Data
descBattlefield 2 Map Description File
dffGTA III Model Data
dfsArea 51 Game DFS Data
dfsDragona Online Game Data
dhmShadowgrounds Mission Data
dhsShadowgrounds: Survivor Script
dhuShadowgrounds: Survivor Unit
dieDiablo Item Data
dieselBandits: Phoenix Rising Game Data
dirGTA III Game Archive
dirWorms Armageddon Game Archive
divaProject DIVA Song
djsNASCAR Thunder 2004 Game Music Data
dkdSubmarine Titans Game Map
dkxSubmarine Titans Game Data
dlZoo Tycoon 2 Game Data
dlgBioware Aurora Dialog Data
dlgCrysis Dialogue Data
dlgInfinity Engine Dialogs Data
dllsUFO: Alien Invasion Plugin Data
dlsBlood 2 Game Data
dm2Quake 2 Demo Data
dm3Quake 3 Arena Demo
dmapConquer Online 2 Game Map
dmbotAQW DMBot Data
dmoCube 2 Demo Data
dmoDuke Nukem 3D Demo File
dmoThe Land of UM Demo Data
dmodDink Smallwood Add-on
dm_1Call of Duty Demo Data
dm_57Return to Castle Wolfenstein Game Demo
dm_59Return to Castle Wolfenstein Demo Data
dm_82Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Demo Movie
dn1Duke Nukem 1 Game Data
dn2Duke Nukem II Game Data
dn3Duke Nukem 3 Game Data
dnfDuke Nukem Forever Data File
dnhDanmakufu Script
dnirealMyst 3D Data File
dnmYS Flight Dynamic 3D Model
dnpEudemons Online Data
dnrBeneath a Steel Sky Game Data
dnsDuke Nukem Forever Saved Game
do2Resident Evil 2 Game Data
dofRacer 3D Geometry Data
dogDogz Dog Data
dogeDogeminer 2 Saved Game
dorResident Evil DOR Data
dpcFUEL Game Data
dpcTwisted Metal 2 Texture
dpkStarmageddon Game Data
dplsaveDriver: Parallel Lines Saved Game
dpmDarkPlaces Engine Movie Information
dpvFar Cry Primal Game Archive
drmDeus Ex DRM Data
drsAge of Empires 2 Game Data
drsStar Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Data
drvDiablo 2 Multiplayer Character Data
dsFurcadia Dragonspeak Data
ds1Diablo 2 Map Data
ds2mapDungeon Siege 2 Map
ds2resDungeon Siege 2 Data
dsbFurcadia Dragonspeak Binary Data
dsbRayman 2 Play Data
dscvTrain Simulator 3D Selection List Data
dsdllDungeon Siege Resource Library
dsfX-Plane Distribution Scenery Format Data
dsgDecker Saved Game
dsgDoom Saved Game
dsjDeluxe Ski Jump 2 Data
dslCritical Seeker Picture Packet
dsmapDungeon Siege Map Data
dsoTribes 2 Game DSO Data
dspartyDungeon Siege Party Data
dsplCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Server Playlist
dsrCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Server Data
dsresDungeon Siege Resource Data
dssaveDungeon Siege Saved Game Data
dt1Diablo 2 Tile Data
dtaHidden and Dangerous Game Archive
dtaSonic Robo Blast 2 WAD Data
dtapeJust Dance Game Data
dtlThe Sims DTL Data
duaFIFA 2000 Game Data
dunDungeon Defenders Saved Game
dupeGMod Dupe Data
dustcloudHomeworld Dust Cloud Data
dv2Divinity 2 Data
dvplWorld of Tanks Blitz Game Data
dwcBoneTown Game Data
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