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Document File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
otsOpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
ottOpenDocument Text Template
otwOrigin Worksheet Template
otwuOrigin Unicode Worksheet Template
otxOlivetti Olitext Plus Document
ovOrgPlus Chart
ov6Sharp Printer Overlay Document
oveOverture Musical Score
ovexOverture v5 Score
ovpThe Overlay Maker Package
ovrThe Overlay Maker Overlay
oxpsOpenXPS Document
p2dPointLineCAD 2D Document
p2sPhotoWorks Scene File
p3dPointLineCAD 3D Document
p3iPixie Document
p3lPointLineCAD 3D Drawing Layer Data
p5dDynaCAD v5 Parts Document
p65Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 Document
p6dDynaCAD v6 Parts Document
p9sPlane9 Scene
pagesApple Pages Document
pages-tefApple Pages iCloud Document
paperDropbox Paper Document
partoutPARTOUT Presentation
patMultiMate Pattern Data
patPC Stitch Pattern
pattARToolKit Pattern
pb13D Home Architect Plan
pbdiSilo Document
pbfDigital PhotoBook File
pbitMicrosoft Power BI Template
pbivizMicrosoft Power BI Visualisation Data
pbixMicrosoft Power BI Report
pcPersonal Composer Document
pc6PowerCADD 6 Drawing
pc7PowerCADD 7 Drawing
pcbBroderbund PrintMaster Business Card
pcbdwfAltium Designer Draftsman Drawing
pcd2Pfaff Creative Designer Design
pclPencil2D Legacy Document
pclPrinter Command Language Document
pclxPencil2D Compressed Document
pcoPC-Outline Outline
pcqPfaff Embroidery Document
pcrBroderbund PrintMaster Post Card
pcwPC Write Text Document
pdPipeDream Document
pdaPrintShop Deluxe Document
pdcLizard Safeguard PDF Security Protected PDF
pdfPortable Document Format Document
pdflDocument Manager Locked PDF Document
pdfvtPDF/VT Document
pdfxPDF/X Document
pdfxmlAdobe Mars Project Document
pdhProntoDoc for Word Browser Display Document Template
pdlPrintShop Deluxe Flyer Document
pdmlPacket Details Markup Language Document
pdmsAVEVA PDMS Document
pdoPepakura Designer Pattern
pdpAdobe Photoshop PDF File
pdqPatton & Patton Flow Charting FlowPDQ Document
pdtInkWriter/Note Taker Template
pdwProfessional Draw Document
pdwProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document Template
pdwrProntoDoc for Word Conventional Document
pdxAdobe Acrobat Catalog Index
pdzProntoDoc for Word Structured Text Document Template
pebProEST+ Buildings 2009 Document
penLogitech io2 Drawing
pfbOpenGL Performer Binary Data
pfePipe Flow Expert Design Document
pffFormatta Portable Form File
pflLotus Freelance Graphics Portfolio Presentation
pfspfs:Write Text
pfsxELAN Document
pfxPFS First Choice Word Processor Document
pgC64 Printfox/Pagefox Document
pgmlPrecision Graphics Markup Language Document
pgnPicatinny Arsenal Electronic Formstore Form Data
pgsDALiM LiTHO Vector Page
pgsPageStream Document
phcBrother Home Embroidery File
piskelPiskel Sprite
pizPizzicato Music Score
pj4Davka Writer Hebrew Document
pkaPointLineCAD 3D Keyframe Animation
plInterleaf WorldView Printerleaf Data
pl03D Home Architect Foundation Floor Plan
pl13D Home Architect Floor Plan
pl23D Home Architect Second Level Floor Plan
plaArchiCAD Project Archive
planCalligra Plan Document
plannerGnome Planner Document
plbAdobe Premiere 6 Library Data
plnArchiCAD 3D Model
plnHome Plan Pro Architecture Design
plnPsion Organiser Spreadsheet
plotGnuplot Script
pltAutodesk AutoCAD Plot Drawing
pltxCadworx Live Design
plzLotus Freelance Presentation
pmAdobe PageMaker Document
pm3Adobe Pagemaker 3 Document
pm4Adobe Pagemaker 4.0 Document
pm5Adobe Pagemaker 5.0 Document
pm5fAdobe PageMaker for Mac 5 Document
pm6Adobe Pagemaker 6.0 Document
pm7Adobe Pagemaker 7 Document
pmapPocket Mindmap Document
pmapzPocket Mindmap Compressed Mindmap
pmdAdobe Pagemaker 7.0 Document
pmdPlanMaker Spreadsheet Document
pmdxPlanMaker Spreadsheet
pmgAdobe Pagemaker Group
pmkArchiCAD PlotMaker Document
pmlPADGen Program Info
pmoPegasus Mail Saved Message
pmtAdobe Pagemaker 7.0 Template
pmvPlanMaker Spreadsheet Template
pmvxPlanMaker 2018 Spreadsheet Template
pmwPegasus Mail Outgoing Draft Message
pmwPlanMaker 97 Spreadsheet Document
pmxPegasus Mail Outgoing Final Message
pn2ParsNegar 2 Document
pneArchiCAD Educational Document
pngCorel Paint Shop Pro Browser Catalogue
pnrPeernet Label Designer Document
pnrxNovell File Reporter File Viewer Document
pnxPegasus Mail Draft Message
potMicrosoft PowerPoint Template
pothtmlMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 HTML Template
potmMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Template
potxMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Template
povPOV-Ray Raytracing Format
ppamMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Add-in
ppaxMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Add-in
ppbSerif PagePlus Bookplus Document
ppdfMicrosoft RMS Protected PDF
ppmlPersonalized Print Markup Language Document
ppntMicrosoft PowerPoint for Mac Presentation
ppotMicrosoft PowerPoint for Mac Template
pppParson Power Publisher Document
pppSerif PagePlus Publication
ppsMicrosoft PowerPoint Slideshow
ppsmMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Slideshow
ppsxMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Slideshow
pptMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation
ppt3Microsoft PowerPoint 3 for Mac Presentation
pptaArticulate Presenter Document
ppteDocument Manager Encrypted PowerPoint Presentation
ppthtmlMicrosoft PowerPoint HTML Presentation
pptlDocument Manager Locked PowerPoint Presentation
pptmMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentation
ppttOnlyOffice Internal PPTX Document
pptxMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Presentation
pptxmlMicrosoft PowerPoint XML Presentation
ppvPocket PowerPoint Document
ppvVox Proxy Animated Powerpoint Presentation
ppxSerif PagePlus Template
pr3Adobe Persuasion v3 Presentation
pr4Harvard Graphics Presentation
praCADRA Design Drafting Software Data
prbakSoftMaker Presentations Document Backup
prdxSoftMaker Presentations Document
prestoPresto Project Spreadsheet
prfMonarch Portable Report
prjdocAltium Designer PCB Document
prnPrinter Text File
proAdobe Proto Design
proTurbo FloorPlan 3D Design
pro4ProPresenter 4 Document
pro4dvdProPresenter 4 DVD Clip
pro4plProPresenter 4 Playlist File
pro4plxProPresenter 4 Playlist Bundle
pro4xProPresenter 4 Bundle
pro5ProPresenter 5 Document
pro5dvdProPresenter 5 DVD Clip
pro5plProPresenter 5 Playlist File
pro5plxProPresenter 5 Bundled with Playlist File
pro5templateProPresenter 5 Template
pro5xProPresenter 5 Bundle File
pro6ProPresenter 6 Document
pro6xProPresenter 6 Bundle
proqcProPresenter 4 Quartz Composition
prsLotus Freelance Graphics Presentation Data
prs2Adobe Persuasion v2 Presentation
prsxSoftMaker Presentations Slide Show
prtCADKEY Part Document
prtCorel Presentations Template
prtSolid Edge Parts Document
prt2Adobe Persuasion Template
prtlAdobe Premiere Title Template
prvxSoftMaker Presentations Document Template
ps5ProSteel 5 Document
pshProShow Producer Slideshow
psipMicrosoft Works 1.1 for Mac Document
psmSiSense Prism Document
psmSolid Edge Sheet Metal Document
psmdPrintShop Mail Document
psmtPrintShop Mail Template
pspScitor Project Scheduler Planning File
psqAdobe Premiere 6 Storyboard
pssPocket SlideShow Presentation
pssPod SnapShot
pstProShow Producer Template
psuPSU Designer Document
pswPocket Word Document
pszCompressed PostScript
ptPTab Spreadsheet Document
pt3Adobe Pagemaker 3.0 Template
pt4Adobe Pagemaker 4.0 Template
pt5Adobe PageMaker 5.0 Template
pt6Adobe PageMaker 6.0 Template
ptbPower Tab Editor Tabulature
ptbPro/ENGINEER Pattern Table
ptfScrapbook Flair Template
ptkPTOCA Format Data
ptkPuntotek Embroidery Design Document
ptnDigiStitch Design
ptnxEasyBeadPatterns Pattern
pttContext4 Print Data
ptwAutodesk AutoCAD Publish to Web File
ptxAdobe Pagemaker Template
ptxE-Transcript Document
ptzE-Transcript Bundle
puPlantUML Document
pubCorel Ventura Publisher Publication
pubMicrosoft Publisher Document
pubPrint Perfect Gold Template
pubhtmlMicrosoft Publisher HTML Document
publicationTwixl Publisher Publication
pubmhtmlMicrosoft Publisher Archived HTML
puiPublish-It Document
pveGoBe Productive Document
pvfPCStitch Pro Design Document
pvgPazzles InVue Document
pvgcPazzles InVue Compressed Document
pvmHP Photo Album
pvnDesign and Print Document
pvuRealVue 3D Packager Document
pwPathetic Writer Document
pwdDynaCAD v4 Parts Document
pwdSolid Edge Weldment Document
pwdpPassword Pad Document
pwdplPassword Pad Lite Document
pwePriMus Exchange Document
pwiAutodesk PowerInspect Document
pwrPowerWrite Document
pwtAutoCAD Publish To Web Template
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