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Document File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
grfGEM Graph Document
grfGrapher Document
grfMicrografx Graph Plus Drawing
grgGreatFamily Graphic Gallery
grsEsko Packedge GRS Document
gsaMicrosoft Office Groove 2007 Archived Workspace
gsbGrisbi Document
gsdGraphtec ROBO Master Vector Graphics
gsdProfibus Generic Station Description
gshGenStat Spreadsheet
gsheetGoogle Drive Sheet
gslideGoogle Slides Document
gslidesGoogle Drive Presentation
gspSilhouette Studio SD Card Document
gspSketchpad Document
gstGraphtec ROBO Master Template
gstencilOmniGraffle Stencil
gstudioGraphtec Studio Document
gswGraphShow Worksheet
gtaMicrosoft Office Groove 2007 Archive
gtcGraitec Exchange Format Document
gtemplateOmniGraffle Template
gtpGuitar Pro Tabulature
gttGuntrams Tabletweaving Thingy Pattern
gtxGX Text Document
guideAmigaguide Hypertext Document
gulJungUm Global Document
gvGraphviz DOT File
gvdesignGravit Designer Document
gwbGenStat Book
gwbInterwrite Presentation Document
gwkGraphiCode PCB Job
gxGeometry Expressions Document
gxdGeneral CADD Pro Drawing
hanHeadline Studio Animation
hbkMathcad Handbook Document
hblBraille Sense Format File
hcdtThinkfree Office NEO Cell Template
hcdxHallmark Card Studio Document
hcrBroderbund PrintMaster Half-fold Card Data
hddHotDisc Designer Document
hdmlHandheld Device Markup Language
hdrpHDRtist Document
hdwHarvard Graphics Drawing
hebDEcomp 3D Scene
hedHighEdit Document
hefEfficient PIM v1 Data
hfRayShade HeightField Format
hfdHotDocs Form Document
hftHaftiX Cross-stitch Design
hftHotDocs Envoy-based Form Template
hgoHome Group Overhead Document
hhtHelp and Support Center HHT
hhtmlRealmedia Adstream HTML
hhtxIdeaMax Document
highlandHighland Document
hipHoudini Scene
hipncHoudini Apprentice
hjtTreepad v6 Database
hlpWindows Help File
hlzMultiEdit Packed Help File
hmkHallmark Card Studio Document
hmwHomeword for DeskMate Document
hncNoteCenter Notes Document
hneNoteCenter Encrypted Notes Document
houARCHLine v4 Drawing
hp8HP NewWave Write Text
hpdHotDocs PDF Document
hplHotDocs Answer Source
hpmHP NewWave EMM Text
hpoHippoDraw Canvas Document
hppHaluha Pearls Design
hptHotDocs PDF-based Form Template
hpuxHP Unix related Readme Text
hrxHerolab E.A.S.Y Document
hsdtHancom Office Hanshow Template
hsdtThinkfree Office NEO Show Template
hsfHOOPS Stream File
htcHTML Component
htdHyperTRANSCRIBE Document
htmHypertext Markup Language Document
htmhjtTreepad v6 Text Database
htxExtended HTML Template
htxtWebKNotes HTXT Document
huHungarian Language Info File
husHusqvarna Viking Embroidery Design
huvHusqvarna Viking Designer Graphic Data
hvsCubicon Cubicreator G-Code
hwdtThinkfree Office NEO Word Template
hwpHangul Word Processor Document
hwpxHangul Word Processor 2010 Document
hwtHangul Word Processor Template
hxlMicrosoft Help 2 Registered Namespace List
hxnHexagon 3D Model
hxsMS Help 2 Compiled Help
hypAdobe Acrobat Spelling Dictionary
hypAtari ST Guide Data
hypeHype Document
hypetemplateHype Document Template
hyyHiTi Photo Desiree v2 Template
hzChinese Hanzi Text File
i4dInform4 Document
iamAutodesk Inventor Assembly Model
ibaLectra Clothing Design Pieces Document
ibcdInstantBingoCard Document
ic3dIronCAD Compose 3D Scene
icdIronCAD 3D Drawing Document
icdlInternet Content Description Language
icdxFilePic Document
icmICEM Surf Model
icmaAdobe InCopy CS4 Assignment File
icmlAdobe InCopy Markup Language Document
icmtAdobe InCopy CS4 Template
icpIntercept Pantheon Schematic Data
icsiCalendar Data
icsIronCAD Scene
icwInterCAD Document
ideAutodesk Inventor iFeature File
ideaAdobe Ideas Document
idiI-DEAS Document
idoInfini-D 3D Object
idrawiDraw Document
idrwClaris Impact Drawing Document
idsInfini-D Scene
idvAutodesk Inventor Design View
idwAutodesk Inventor Drawing
ifcxmlIndustry Foundation Classes XML
ifdInForm Document
ifeInfoFind Encrypted Document
ig2Catia IGES Document
ig4Image Systems Group 4 Fax Document
igdsBentley MicroStation Design
igfIntercept Geometry File
igjiGrafx Published Web Content
igpIgor Engraver Published Music Notation
igrSmartSketch Drawing
igsIGES Drawing
igtiGrafx Document Template
igxiGrafx Document
ihfIGOR Pro Help File
ihfInspiration Handheld Document
iifIntuit QuickBooks Interchange File
ijpdsScitex IJPDS File
iksMicrosoft InkSeine Document
ilaDATEV Document
ildocInterleaf Document
ilgInstallShield Log
immiMindmap 4 Document
impImpatica Classic Document
impLotus Improv Spreadsheet
impTEX-DESIGN Clothing Design Document
imrImpromptu Report File
imtxiMindMap Template File
imxiMindMap 5 Exported Document
incaAdobe InCopy CS3 Assignment File
incdAdobe InCopy 2.0 Document
inctAdobe InCopy CS3 Template
incxAdobe InCopy Interchange Document
indbAdobe InDesign Book
indlAdobe InDesign Library
indnAdobe InDesign for Mac Document
indtAdobe InDesign Template
infInspiration Mind Mapping Data
infoGNU Info Document
infopathxmlMicrosoft InfoPath XML Form
inkmlInk Markup Language File
inldImageNow Document Link
inmCaere FaxMaster Fax
inpInPage Urdu Document
insInspiration Document
inscribeInScribe 2004 Document
insxInScribe XML Document
intaglioIntaglio Drawing
iobTurboSilver 3D Object
iorMaxwell Render Index of Refraction Data
ipdImpact CAD Drawing
ipdocInPrint 3 Document
ipfIntercept Part File
ipnAutodesk Inventor Presentation
iprSMART Ideas Document
iptAutodesk Inventor Part
ipvIbis Paint X Drawing
ipviCAD Professional Document
ipwUniPlot Graph
iqyMicrosoft Excel Web Query
irfAutodesk Impression Drawing
irrIrrlicht 3D Scene
irrmeshIrrlicht 3D Static Mesh
is2IRT Cronista Infrared Image
isdocInformation System Document
isfInspiration Concept Map Document
isfIntercept Symbol File
isfModelPress Compressed CAD Model
isoArbortext IsoDraw Illustration
isozCompressed Arbortext IsoDraw Illustration
ispxiStudio Publisher Document
istInspiration Template Document
itmsiTunes Music Store Link
itmziThoughtsHD Document
ivOpenInventor 3D Data
iveOpenSceneGraph Native Binary File
iviMSDN InfoViewer Topic Data
ivnuInetba Web Page
ivtMSDN InfoViewer Title Data
iwaIBM Writing Assistant Document
iwriwrite.4.life Document
iwtplIncomedia Website X5 Template
ixAdobe FrameMaker Index Data
ixpISIPublisher Publication Export
ixtISIPublisher Publication Template
ixvIXOS/Open Text Document
j2Gargoyle Story Document
j3sJava3D Scene
jajJarnal Document
jasCheetah3D Native Model
jawIchitaro 5.0 Document
jbgJarnal Background Image
jbsDesignArt Vector Graphics Data
jbwIchitaro 6.0 Document
jceJWPce Document
jczMicrosoft Liquid Motion Animation
jdfAlpha Journal Pro Document
jdfMy Personal Diary Document
jdmJade Diagram Document
jfcJWPce Flash Card File
jfmJetForm Filler Form
jfwIchitaro 7.0 Document
jgcJGCGen Script
jgxJGraphpad v5 Document
jhdJagannatha Hora Document
jisJapanese Industry Standard Text
jlqmLG QuickMemo Notes
jmjMusic Music Score
jmfJarnal Metafile
jnbSigmaPlot Workbook
jntMicrosoft Windows Journal Document
jocContext4 Document
jotAutodesk Fabrication Job Template
jot3Jot+ Notes Note Data
jp1Japanese Romaji Text
jpynbJupyter Notebook Document
jrpElectric Quilt Document
jrwrNovel Writer Document
jsdHP JetSuite Document
jswIchitaro 4.0 Document
jtJT Open 3D Model
jtdIchitaro Document
jtdcIchitaro Compressed Document
jtpMicrosoft Windows Journal Template
jttIchitaro Template
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