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ExtensionFile Type
epmwEfficient Password Manager v5 Document
epmxEfficient Password Manager v3 Document
eprtSolidWorks eDrawings Parts Document
eprtxMicrosoft XPS Parts Document
eps3Encapsulated PostScript Level 3 Data
eptElpoint Presentation
epxPiranesi EPix Image
eqxEQUINOX-3D Document
er1CA ERwin 4.x Diagram
erdProsa Entity Relationship Diagram
erptCA ERwin Report Template
erwinCA ERwin Document
erwin_tmplCA ERwin Template
erxCA ERwin Diagram
esEasySIGN Drawing Sheet
esdExpert Scan Survey Document
esjeCabinet Systems Job
esnEfficient Sticky Notes v2 Document
esnwEfficient Sticky Notes v5 Document
esnxEfficient Sticky Notes v3 Document
essEasySpreadsheet Document
esvMorningstar Principia Stock Research Document
etaKeyhole Placemark File
etdEfficient To-Do List v2 Data
etdwEfficient To-Do List v5 Data
etdxEfficient To-Do List v3 Data
eteEpsilonTest Editor Template
etfEnigma Transportable File
ethEthnograph Document
etngRM Easiteach Next Generation Document
etntRM Easiteach Next Generation Template
etsEnthuware Test Studio Document
ettKingsoft Spreadsheets Template
etxtSecure Notepad Encrypted Text
eucExtended Unix Code
eulaEnd-user License Agreement Text
evyEnvoy Document
ewbEasyWorship Bible Data
ewbElectronics Workbench Circuit Design
ewlMicrosoft Encarta Document
ewpxEasyWorship Presentation Document
exbCAXA Draft Document
exbExercise Builder Plan
excelmlExcel Markup Language
expDrawing Express CAD Drawing
exprwdhttMicrosoft Expression Web HTML Template Data
exyEltac Embroidery Stitch Data
eybMicrosoft Encarta Yearbook Update
eysSierra Expanded Embroidery Format Document
ezEZ Word Document
ezdrawEazyDraw Drawing
ezfCalculus EZ-Fax Fax Document
ezpxGoLabel Label Document
ezsSunburst Easy Sheet Document
eztSunburst Easy Sheet Template
ezweasyOFFER Real Estate Form
f2dAutodesk Fusion 360 2D Drawing
f3dAutodesk Fusion 360 3D Design
fabFab@Home Fabber Model
factElectricImage 3D File
fadeinFade In Document
faffProfessional Calc Spreadsheet Document
faqFrequently Asked Questions Text
fbdFlowBiz Workflow Designer Procedure Document
fbkAutodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Field Book
fbmFREE!ship Ship Model
fbsFastBid Plan Sheet
fbxAutodesk FBX Document
fc5Patton & Patton Flow Charting 5 Document
fc7FastCAD v7 Drawing
fcdFastCAD for DOS Drawing
fcdPatton & Patton Flow Charting 3 Document
fcdtFormsCentral Design Template
fcfFinal Draft File Converter
fcsPFS First Choice Spreadsheet
fcstdFreeCAD Standard Document
fcstd1FreeCAD Document Backup
fcwFastCAD for Windows Drawing
fd2Epson PictureMate Borders
fddFormDocs Document
fdfAdobe Acrobat Form Data Format Document
fdrFinal Draft Document
fdsFinal Draft Secure Copy
fdseqMicrosoft XPS Fixed Document Sequence
fdtFinal Draft Template
fdtFormDocs Template
fdwFEBDOK Document
fdxFinal Draft v8 Document
fdxtFinal Draft v8 Template
fedFormEdik Form Data
fegArt Explosion Greeting Card Factory E-Card
femRADIOSS Document
feyFCS Express Layout Document
ff6RISC OS Encapsulated PostScript
ffoAdobe Photoshop File Info
ffsFME Feature Store
fftIBM DisplayWrite Final Form Text
ffwpFormsForWeb Filler Formula Data
fg3FX Graph 3 Document
fg5OASYS GraphPro Document
fgcGreeting Card Factory Card
fheSinger Futura Embroidery Design
figDeskMate Drawing Document
figXfig Document
filt4D Database for Mac ASCII Table Data
finSapir Torah Text
fktKmPlot Document
flagFlagMaker Document
floiGrafx FlowCharter Document
flowchartPureFlow Flowchart
flpFamily Lawyer Document
flwKivio Flowchart Document
flwLotus Freelance Graphics Flowchart Data
flxFelixCAD Drawing
flxMicroSurvey CAD Drawing
fmAdobe FrameMaker Document
fmFeatureCAM Document
fm1Lotus 1-2-3 V2 Spreadsheet
fmcCOBUS NCAD Document
fmdMotionArtist Document
fmsLotus Freelance Graphics Data
fmtLotus 1-2-3 Worksheet Formatting Data
fmtMicrosoft Schedule Plus Print
fmvFrame Vector Metafile
fnfFORTE Notation Document
fnfPTC Creo FEM Neutral Format Document
fnsFree Notes Document
fnzFocus Scratchpad Document
fodgOpenDocument Flat XML Graphics
fodpOpenDocument Flat XML Presentation
fodsOpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet
fodtOpenDocument Flat XML Document
folioAdobe DPS Folio File
fopxMicrosoft Organization Chart for Mac Document
fountainFountain Script File
fpFileMaker Pro Document
fpageMicrosoft XPS Fixed Page Document
fpeFree PDF Editor Document Backup
fpfIKEA Home Planner Document
fplFrontDesigner Panel Data
fqcFAQ Creator Document
fragMicrosoft XPS Fragment
frdocAbbyy FineReader Document
freewayFreeway Document
frlAccelio FormFlow Document
fryFryrender Scene
frzAccelio FormFlow Locked Document
fsFlexiSign Document
fscPractical Scriptwriter Document
fsdCOCO Flowsheet Document
fsgGreeting Card Factory Greeting Card
fsnGreeting Card Factory Document
ftbFamily Tree Maker Document Backup
ftfFORTE Template Document
ftgWindows Help Full Text Group File
ftlFamily Tree Legends Document
ftmdFamily Tree Maker for Mac v2 Document
ftmmFamily Tree Maker for Mac v1 Document
ftmtFamily Tree Maker for Mac Chart Template
ftmxMakeMusic Finale Template
ftnFlowton Diagram Data
ftplSimfatic Forms Template
ftsWindows Help Full-Text Search Index
ftwFamily Tree Maker Document
ftxtCloanto C1-Text Document
fvmlFormVista Document
fw3Framework III File
fwkColton Fireworkz Document
fwrtFullWrite Document
fwtbFreeway Template Bundle
fwtemplateFreeway Template
fx2Corel WordPerfect Office Template
fxdFX Draw Document
fxgFX Graph Document
fxpFontExpert Document
fxyFortron Embroidery Format Document
fzsFuzzySheet Document
gBRL-CAD Geometry Document
gbfGeneral Bible Format File
gbrGerber Format Document
gbxmlgbXML Document
gcdGeneral Content Descriptor
gcxMacintosh Grapher Document
gdbSmartWare Business Graph Definition File
gdcIconics GraphWorx32 Display for WinCE
gdcSmartWare Composite Graph Definition File
gddocInSync Google Drive Document
gddrawInSync Google Drive Draw Document
gdeSmartWare Elevation Graph Definition File
gdeThe Guide Document
gdfIconics GraphWorx32 Display
gdformInSync Google Drive Form Document
gdhSmartWare High-Low Graph Definition File
gdlArchiCAD Geometric Description Language File
gdnSmartWare Graph Definition File
gdnoteInSync Google Drive Note Document
gdocGoogle Drive Document
gdocxGoogle Drive DOCX Document
gdrawGoogle Drive Drawing
gdsGDSII Document
gdsSmartWare Scientific Graph Definition File
gdsheetInSync Google Drive Sheet Document
gdsiiGDSII Stream Data
gdslidesInSync Google Drive Slides Document
gdtSmartWare Text Graph Definition File
gedGEDCOM Document
gemCorel Ventura Publisher Document
genGenerations Embroidery Software Design
genGenStat Command File
geoCarbon Graphics Geo Data File
gevGelEval for Mac Document
gfcPatton & Patton Flow Charting 4 Document
gfdGeForms Form Document
gfdGNUe Form Definitions
gformGoogle Drive Form
gftGeForms Form Template
ggbGeoGebra Document
ggeGreen Globs and Graphing Equations Saved Equation
gggGreen Globs and Graphing Equations Document
ggtGeoGebra Tool
ggxGreen Globs and Graphing Equations GGG Records List
ghGrasshopper 3D Document
ghxGrasshopper 3D XML Document
gibGraph-in-the-Box Chart
gidWindows Global Index File
giwGraph-in-the-Box for Windows Presentation
gjamGoogle Jamboard Document
glfGrantleigh Labels Label Document
glkGenStat ODBC Export Link
glyMicrosoft Word Glossary Data
gmlGeography Markup Language Document
gmpGEM Desktop Publisher Document
gnhGravoStyle Design Document
gnumericGnumeric Spreadsheet
gofinDruki Gofin Form Document
gomgOpenMol Model
goodnotesGoodNotes Document
gpGuitar Pro 7 Tabulature
gpfGrant Agreement Preparation Form
gplGnuplot Input File
gppSerif Graphics Plus Document
gpxGuitar Pro 6 Tabulature
gqEpson Page Description Language Document
gqsxMicrosoft Office SmartArt Styles
graMicrosoft Graph Chart
gradeGradeStat Document
graffleOmniGraffle Drawing
graphmlGraphML Document
graphmlzGraphML Compressed Document
graphmzGraphML Compressed Graph Document
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