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ExtensionFile Type
brlBRL-CAD Document
brlMicroBraille Document
broPrintShop Deluxe Brochure
brtPhoto Builder Template
bry2Bryce 2 Scene
bstBibTeX Document Style
bt5ERP5 Business template
btdBusiness-in-a-Box Document
btxtBTXTPad Document
buzBuzz Tools BuzzEdit Document
bwbVisual Baler Spreadsheet
bwdBanglaWord Document
bwpBuRg3r Web Page
bwsSmartWare Worksheet Backup
bxlAccelerated Designs Binary PCB Library
bxuPictureGear Studio file
bydBYP Layout Document
bzabwAbiWord Bzip2 Compressed Document
c1dxC1Report C1D Open XML Document
c2wCybernet v2 Document
c3dChem3D Document
cadAutodesk QuickCAD Document
cadBobCAD-CAM CAD Document
cadlCADKEY CAD Advanced Design Language File
cadocClicker App Document
caeCaditor Encrypted Document
calBroderbund PrintMaster Calendar
calcaCalca Document
calxCalendar Printing Assistant Template
capCapella Music Score
capxCapella XML Music Score
capxmlCapella XML Document
carBroderbund PrintMaster Card
carNeoBook Cartoon
casComma-Delimited ASCII Text
caseSlipCover Case Template
catTablEdit Chord Catalog
catdrawingCatia Drawing
catpartCatia V5 Part Description Document
catproductCatia V5 Product Description Document
caxVCollab Pro 3D Model
cbbCyberBuddy Document
cbcxComic Book Creator Document
cbkNational Estimator Costbook
cbtComputer-based Training Document
cbtxComic Book Creator Template
cbtzComic Book Creator Template
cbwComicRack WebComic Document
cc5Calendar Creator v5 Document
cceCalendar Creator v2 Document
cchCorelDRAW Corel Chart Document
ccittCCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoded Fax
cctAdobe Director Compressed Cast
cczDxDesigner Compressed PCB Layout
cd2Click'n Design 3D Document
cdbPocket Access Document
cdcCanvastic Drawing
cdcNero Cover Designer Import Document
cddCADAM Drawing Document
cddConceptDraw Pro Drawing
cddOvation 1 Document
cddxCircuit Diagram Document
cddzConceptDraw PRO v10 Document
cdkCADKEY Document
cdkCalamus Document
cdlCaseWare Working Papers Document
cdlCircuit Description Language Data
cdlSignLab Vector Graphics Data
cdmlCreately Document Markup Language Document
cdmmConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
cdmtConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
cdmtzConceptDraw Compressed MINDMAP Template
cdmzCompressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
cdnClick'n Design 3D CD Label Document
cdoCADAM Overlay Data
cdoCrescendo Music Notation
cdocClicker Document
cdpxConceptDraw PROJECT XML Document
cdpzConceptDraw PROJECT Document
cdr3CorelDraw 3 for Mac Drawing
cdr4CorelDraw 4 for Mac Drawing
cdr5CorelDraw 5 for Mac Drawing
cdr6CorelDraw 6 for Mac Drawing
cdsChemDraw Stationery Document
cdsConceptDraw PROJECT Slideshow
cdsgDrawMusic Chord Song
cdsxConceptDraw PROJECT XML SlideShow File
cdt6CorelDraw 6 for Mac Template
cdtxConceptDraw PROJECT XML Template
cdwCeledyDraw Document
cdwKOMPAS 3D Drawing
cdxChemDraw Exchange Document
cdxmlChemDraw XML Document
cdyCinderella Construction File
ce3Calendar Creator v3 Document
cedxCardExchange 7 Card Design
cerBroderbund PrintMaster Certificate
cflCorelFlow Flowchart Document
cftCorelFlow Flowchart Template
cgGuitar Chord Groover Chord
cg3Cabri 3D Document
cgrCatia V5 Drawing
ch3Harvard Graphics 3.0 Chart
ch4Micrografx Charisma 4.0 Presentation
chaiChaimera Artwork Document
chaitChaimera Artwork Document Template
chartMacStitch Design Document
chdChordastic Chord
cheStitch & Sew Embroidery Design
chiChiWriter Document
chmCompiled HTML Help
choproChord Pro Chord
chpBizInt Smart Charts for Patents Document
chpCorel Ventura Chapter
chrtKDE KChart Document
chtBizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines Document
chtChemtool Document
chtmlCompact HTML Document
cidaxplorer2 Scrap Document
cidfCreative ID Document
cilMicrosoft ClipArt Gallery Download Package
cimCimPack Design Drawing
cipInPrint 2 Document
circuitKTechlab Circuit Design
citBibExcel Cited Document
ckdCADKEY Design Document
ckdKubotek KeyCreator Design Container
cktCADKEY Template Document
cktCircuitMaker Document
cl2docComic Life 2 Document
cl2lytComic Life 2 Layout
cl2tplComic Life 2 Document Template
cl3Easy CD Creator 3 Cover Layout
clarifyClarify Document
clbcdrLabel Label Document
clgxCollage Maker Collage
clkbClicker Books
clkbdClicker Board Set
clkdClicker Docs
clktClicker Template
clkwClicker Word Bank
clkxClicker Grid Set
clnscanGogh I Scan Document
cmdxClinical Map Document Based on XML
cmdxCrystalMaker X Document
cmkCardShop Plus Document
cmlPADGen Company Info
cmpHotDocs Component File
cmpSolid Edge Wire Harness Design
cmp_xmlSolid Edge Wire Harness Design XML
cmxCorel Presentations Exchange Document
cndControlDraw Diagram
cndxAvery DesignPro for Mac Document
cnoteCollaNote Note Document
cntWindows Help Content
coCult3D Object
coaCaligari TrueSpace COA Object
cobCaligari TrueSpace Object
cocBibExcel Co-occurrence Document
codAtlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document
colHTML Help Collection
colMicrosoft Multiplan Spreadsheet
comicComic Life v1.2 Document
comicdocComic Life v1.3 Document
comiclifeComic Life Document
comictplComic Life 2 Template
compFusion Composition
compressedWordCompress Compacted Web Data
contourContour Screenplay Document
covFax Cover Page
cp2Compel v2 Presentation
cpdCorel PrintOffice Drawing Document
cpdtAdobe Captivate Design Template
cpeMicrosoft Fax Cover Page File
cphCorel Print House Document
cpiSietronics XRD Scan Document
cpoCorel Print House Document
cppCA-Cricket Presents Presentation
cprCorel Presents Presentation
cptCA-Cricket Presents Template
cptPocket Slides Presentation
cpxCorel ArtShow 5 Document
cpyeCopy Document
cqpCompuQuilter Pattern
crbBigOven Core Recipe Box
crdGuitar Chord File
crfCHARTrunner Chart Document
crmCHARTrunner Multi Chart Document
crtrMultiAd Creator Pro Document
crvVCarve Pro Design
crv3dVectric Aspire Document
crwCADrail Drawing
csCaditor Document
csdCHI Storage Designer Document
csdCompact Shared Document
cseCardinal Studio Template File
cseSTOIK Stitch Creator Pattern
csfInformative Graphics Content Sealed Format Document
csfOpenText Content Sealed Format Document
csgOpenSCAD Constructive Solid Geometry Model
cskStoryWeaver Template
cspCommonspace Document
cssCascading Style Sheets
csvComma-Separated Values Data
cszCornerstone Document Template
ct2CTRAN/W Graphical Layout
ct3CTRAN/W Sketch Data
ctbAutoCAD Color-dependent Plot Style Table
ctdTomahawk Gold Compressed Document
cteClassical Text Editor Document
ctexChinese TeX Document
ctfWhereIsIt Catalog File
ctgWhereIsIt Catalog Group File
ctmWhereIsIt Template
ctpCardExchange 7 Card Template
ctxAlphacam Compiled Text
ctxCreativyst Table eXchange Document
custQuarkXPress for Mac Custom Data
cvdCanvas X Drawing
cvdtplCanvas X Drawing Template
cvsCanvas 3.5 Data
cvwActuate Analytics Cube Report
cvwCaseView Document
cvxcadCanvas X CADComposer Document
cwCardWorks Template
cw3ClarisWorks 3 Document
cwbCakewalk Sonar Bundle
cwcClarisWorks Color Palette
cwdocCopyWrite Document
cweCrossword Express Document
cwfCorelDraw Workspace
cwgrClarisWorks Drawing Document
cwkClarisWorks Document
cwnCifraweb Editor Notation Document
cwptClarisWorks Painting Drawing
cwsChordWizard Songtrix Song
cwsClarisWorks Template
cwssClarisWorks Spreadsheet Document
cwtChordWizard Songtrix Template
cwtClarisWorks Texture
cwwCU-Writer Document
cwwpClarisWorks Word Processor Document
cwzCircuit Wizard Document
cxbmlBML W5 Model
cxlContent Extraction Language Document
cxscriptCeltx Script Document
cxtAdobe Director Protected Cast
cyiClustify Input File
cypFCB Cypher Document
czCzech Language Info File
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