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Document File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
skwSideKick Write Document
sl1Articulate Storyline Document
slaScribus Document
slbAutodesk AutoCAD Slide Library
sldAutodesk AutoCAD Slide Library
sld3Microsoft PowerPoint 3 for Mac Slide Document
sld8Microsoft PowerPoint 98 for Mac Slide Document
sldbndtbtSolidWorks Bend Table Template
sldbomtbtSolidWorks Bill of Materials Template
slddotSolidWorks Sheet Template
slddrtSolidWorks Sheet Document
slddrwSolidWorks Drawing Document
slddwgSolidWorks 2D Vector Drawing
sldfvtSolidWorks Favorite
sldmMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Slide
sldsMicrosoft PowerPoint 2 for Mac Slide Document
sldtbtSolidWorks General Table Template
sldxMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Slide
sldxmlSolidWorks 3DEXPERIENCE XML Document
sls3Microsoft Excel 3 for Mac Template
sls4Microsoft Excel 4 for Mac Template
sls5Microsoft Excel 5 for Mac Template
sls8Microsoft Excel 98 for Mac Template
sltSenlab Template
sltShark LT Drawing
slvsSolveSpace Document
smSamna Word Text Document
smSMath Studio Document
smdfSurface Magic Design
smfOpenOffice Math Formula
smfStarOffice StarMath Formula
smhtSealed MHT Document
smlxSteel Markup Language Document
smmAmi Pro Macro
smpSLIM‐DataManager Workbook
smplMegahedron 3D Object
smstAdobe Soundbooth Score Toolkit Document
smusSimple MUsical Score Document
smwSLIM‐Metrics Workbook
smzSMath Studio Compressed Document
snapdocAshampoo Snap Document
sngWorshipCenter Pro Song Data
snpMicrosoft Access Report SnapShot
soapSimple Object Access Protocol Message
spLTspice Netlist Data
spartanSpartan Document
spdSoftPlan Drawing Document
spdWinLens Lens Design
spdfSealed PDF Document
spectSpectacles Document
splFutureSplash Animator Document
spnSealed PNG Image
spotSealed PowerPoint Template
spotmSealed PowerPoint 2007 Template without Macros
spotxSealed PowerPoint 2007 Template
spptSealed PowerPoint Presentation
spptmSealed PowerPoint 2007 Presentation without Macros
spptxSealed PowerPoint 2007 Presentation
sprBrother Powernote Spreadsheet
sprPsion Series 3 Spreadsheet
sprzSprintometer Document
spsAltova StyleVision SPS Document
spubSwift Publisher Document
spwSigmaPlot Worksheet
spwSLIM-MasterPlan Workbook
srbCorel WordPerfect Scrap Book
srkSharkCAD Drawing
srtfSealed Rich Text Format Document
sruSearch/Retrieve via URL Response Format Data
ssiwCorel WordPerfect for Mac 4 Document
ssnSamsung S Note File
ssvgSealed SVG Document
sswfSealed SWF Document
st1DigiTitle Master Subtitle
stbAutoCAD Named Plot Style Table
stcOpenOffice Calc Template
stdPROMT Translator Document
stdStarOffice Drawing Template
stdSureThing CD Labeler Document
stepISO 10303 STEP Document
sthKG-Chart Design Data
stiSealed TIFF Image
stiStarOffice Impress Template
stkWriter's Cafe StoryLines Document
stlStereoLithography Data
stlaASCII StereoLithography Data
stmlSealed HTML Document
storyStoryist Document
stpCatia Document
stplSevilla Template
stplzSevilla Compressed Template
stpxzXZ Compressed STEP Document
stpzCatia Compressed STEP Document
structMicrosoft XPS Document Structure Data
sttplSamsung Theme Designer Showcase
studioSilhouette Studio Document
stwStarOffice Writer Template
stxRoxio Express Labeler Document
stxtSealed Text Document
styCorel Ventura Publisher Style Sheet
styHarvard Graphics Style
styLaTeX Style Definition
styNewsMaker Story Document
suckSiteSucker Website Data
sudWISCO Word Power Sudoku Puzzle
sumlSimple UML Diagram
svdSolidView Design
svfSimple Vector Format Document
svrSuperscape VR Compressed World
swarSolidWorks Auto-recovery Document
swdocSymWriter 2 Document
sweSendaWin Etiquetas Label
sweSweater Wizard Document
swgSWAG Pascal Snippets
swgrClarisWorks 3 Drawing
swpBorland Sprint Document Backup
swssClarisWorks 3 Spreadsheet
swxOpenOffice.org 1.0 Text Document
sxcOpenOffice Calc Document
sxdOpenOffice Draw Document
sxeProfiCAD Schematics Diagram
sxgOpenOffice.org Writer Global Document
sxiOpenOffice Impress Document
sxlsSealed Excel Document
sxlsmSealed Excel 2007 Document without Macros
sxlsxSealed Excel 2007 Document
sxltSealed Excel Template
sxltmSealed Excel 2007 Template without Macros
sxltxSealed Excel 2007 Template
sxmStarOffice Math Document
sxmlSealed XML Document
sxwOpenOffice Writer Document
sxwStarOffice Writer v6 Document
sy3Harvard Graphics Symbol
syvOutline 4D Template
szaHiCAD Drawing
sznHiCAD Old Drawing
szxHiCAD SZX Drawing
t2dTouchDraw Document
t2lTouchDraw Library
t2tSonata CAD Model
t2tTxt2tags Text Document
t4gTommySoftware CAD Drawing
t65Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 Template
tabASCII Guitar Tab
tblAdobe Pagemaker Table
tbsceneMarmoset Toolbag 3D Scene
tbtTabIt Document
tbtToon Boom Studio Template
tbxTurbo Cross Design
tc2TurboCAD Mac Drawing
tc6Calc602 Spreadsheet Document
tcdTenado CAD Drawing
tcdTurboCAD Mac Deluxe Drawing
tcdTurboCalc Spreadsheet Document
tceltxCeltx Template
tcmTurboCAD Mac Drawing
tcpTurboCAD Mac Pro Drawing
tcrMotionMagix Creative Suite Published Data
tctTurboCAD Template
tcwTurboCAD Drawing
tcxTurboCAD Drawing (ASCII)
tddTables Direct Template
tdgTree Diagram Generator Document
tdocTabula Document
tedMotionMagix Editable Document Template
teeTeeChart Chart Document
tefTablEdit Tablature
tegTeXgraph Source Code
temHiTi Photo Desiree v1 Template
templateApple Pages Template
tenTeeChart Chart Template
terxRoadEng Terrain Design Document
texLaTeX Document
texiGNU Texinfo Document
textbundleHighland TextBundle Document
textclippingMac OS X Text Clipping
tfmFormTool Gold Form Document
tfrdTape Format Requirements Document
tftText Formatter Plus Formatting Data
tgTuxGuitar Document
tgfTrivial Graph Format
thingMakerBot Thing Document
thlTotal 3D Home Design
thmlTheological Markup Language Document
thmxMicrosoft Office 2007 Theme
tiiTI Interactive Workbook
tiltTilt Brush Sketch
tipTru-Designer Presentation
tklTakeoff Live Document
tldrtldraw Drawing
tlgIntuit QuickBooks Transaction Log
tlqArt Explosion T-Shirt Factory Deluxe Document
tmTeXmacs Document
tm3TreeMap Document
tm5Adobe Pagemaker 5.0 Template
tm6Adobe Pagemaker 6.0 Template
tmbakTextMaker Document Backup
tmdTextMaker Document
tmdTomahawk Gold Document
tmdxTextMaker 2018 Document
tmrApimac Timer Document
tmvTextMaker Document Template
tmvtLexisNexis TimeMap Template
tmvxTextMaker 2018 Template
tnsTI-Nspire Document
tnspTI-Nspire PublishView Document
tnvBitware Fax Document
tocAdobe FrameMaker TOC
topAdesso Cyberpad Handwriting Document
topTopocad Drawing Document
topTopSolid Design Document
topviwTopSolid Viewer Document
totalslayoutTotals Invoice Layout File
towTOWER Model
tpTinkerPlots Document
tp3Harvard Graphics 3.0 Template
tpdTreepad v7 Database
tplArchiCAD Project Template
tplCanvas Template
tplDataCAD Template Document
tptThumbsPlus Template
tptTreepad Template
tptTru-Designer Presentation Template
tpzTreepad Zipped Database
trelbyTrelby Document
tsb3dMD 3D Image
tsceTextShield Compressed RTF File
tseLight Map Maker Scene
tstCorel WordPerfect 5 Printer Test Document
tstExamView Test File
tsvTab-Separated Values Data
ttaxNewton Dictate Transcription Document
ttlTurtle Language Document
ttmlTimed Text Markup Language Document
ttsToolBook Translation System Document
tvjTrueView Job Ticket
twdMindMapper Map
twdiThinkWise Document
twdsMindMapper Single File
twdxMindMapper 12 XML Map
twikiEclipse IDE WikiText Document
txdRenderWare Texture Data
txeEnriched Text File
txhLightweight Markup Language Text
txlfSDL Trados XLIFF Document
txmCFPwinMan Document
txmlWordfast TXML Document
txtMilkShape 3D ASCII Data
txtPlain Text Document
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