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Disk Image File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
2imgXGS Apple IIGS Emulator Disk Image
2mgApple IIGS Disk Image
3dkOS/2 Floppy Disk Image
3doFreeDO Phoenix ISO Image
86f86Box Disk Image
ad1Forensic Toolkit Image
adfAmiga Disk Image
adiActive@ Disk Image Backup Data
adzCompressed Amiga Disk Image
afdAdvanced Forensics Format Disk Image Part
affAdvanced Forensics Format Disk Image
ashdiscAshampoo Burning Studio Disc Image
atrSIO2PC Atari Disk Image
avhdHyper-V SnapShot Data
avhdxMicrosoft Hyper-V Virtual Hard Drive Changes Data
axpCDBurnerXP Audio Disc Compilation
b00BlindWrite CD Image Segment
bdfESO-MIDAS BDF Disk Image
bdkOS/2 Floppy Disk Image
binCDRWIN Binary Data File
btrfsBTRFS Image
bwaBlindWrite Physical Media Descriptor
bwiBlindWrite CD Image
bwsBlindWrite Sub Channel Data
bwtBlindWrite Control File
c2dWinOnCD Disc Image
casVideoton TV Computer Tape Data
catMacImage Hybrid CD-ROM Image
ccdCloneCD Image Information
cdiDiscJuggler CD Image
cdiGear CD-ROM CD-i Image
cdmNTI CD/DVD-Maker Image
cdmediaBoxer for Mac CD-Rom Image
cdzpSX Emulator Compressed CD Image
chdMAME Compressed Hard Disk Image
cifRoxio Easy CD Creator Image
cisoPT ISO Tool Compressed Image
cisoWii Compressed ISO Image
cmgcramfs ROM File System Package
cramfsCramfs Image
csoCSO Compressed PSP ISO Image
cueCDRWIN Cue Sheet File
d41CCS64 Floppy Image
d64Commodore 64 Disk Image
d67VICE Floppy Image
d71Commodore 1571 Floppy Disk Image
d80Commodore CBM-8050 Disk Image
d81Commodore VC-1581 Disk Image
d82Commodore CBM-8250 Disk Image
d88Toshiba Pasopia 7 Disk Image
daaDirect Access Archive
daxDAX Compressed PSP ISO Image
dc42Apple Disk Copy 4.2 Disk Image
dcfDisk Copy Fast Image
dcoSafetica Free Encrypted Virtual Disk Archive
ddflSymantec DiskDoubler Image
ddiDiskdupe Disk Image
dimActive@ Disk Image RAW Image
dimgClassic Mac OS Disk Image
discRoxio Toast Disc Image
dmgMac OS X Disk Image
dmgpartMac OS X Disk Image Part
dmkTRS-80 Floppy Disk Image
dmsAmiga Diskmasher Disk Image
drhParallels Desktop Hard Disk Info
dskGeneral Disk Image
dskMSX-DOS Disk Image
dv1Gear DVD Video Image
dvdCloneCD DVD Image Information
dvdmediaRipIt DVD Package
dwarfsDwarFS Image
dxpCDBurnerXP Data Disc Compilation
e01EnCase Image
ecmECM Prepared Disk Image
edaEnsoniq ASR Disk Image
edeEnsoniq EPS Disk Image
edkEnsoniq KT Disk Image
edsEnsoniq SQ-80 Disk Image
edskExtended DSK Image
edvEnsoniq VFX-SD Disk Image
egImage It Backup Disk Image
egoRollBack Rx Snapshot Data
euiEnsoniq EPS Compressed Disk Image
ewfExpert Witness Format Image
ex01EnCase v7 Image
exfatexFAT Filesystem Image
ext2EXT2 Filesystem Image
ext3EXT3 Filesystem Image
ext4EXT4 Filesystem Image
ezbEasyBoot Disk Image
fat32FAT32 Filesystem Image
fddGeneral Floppy Disk Image
fddParallels Desktop Floppy Disk Image
fdiTR-DOS Floppy Disk Image
ffuWindows Full Flash Update Image
flgIsoPuzzle Flag File
fvdFast Virtual Disk
g41Commodore 1541 Floppy Disk Image
g64Commodore 64 Disk Image
gbigBurner Image
gcdPrassi CD Rep Image
gdriveGizmo Drive Virtual Drive
ghoNorton Ghost Image
ghsNorton Ghost Spanned Image
giPrassi Primo DVD Image
giRoxio Recordnow! CD Image
gkhEnsoniq GKH Disk Image
grdStrongDisk Protected Disk Image
harddiskBoxer for Mac Harddisk Image
hcVeraCrypt Container Data
hddGeneral Hard Disk Image
hdfWinUAE HDD Image
hdsParallels Desktop Hard Disk Image
hdzWinUAE Compressed HDD Image
hfsHFS Disk Image File
hfsMacImage HFS Disk Image
hpfsOS/2 HPFS Image
i00DVD Decrypter Splitted ISO Image
i2dWyse Device Management Thin Client Disk Image
ibdatIsoBuster Debug Dump Image
ibpIsoBuster Disk Layout
ibqIsoBuster Managed Image File
ibrHP Thin Client Image
ifcAll Image Compressed Disk Image
ifuAll Image Disk Image
igzLinux Gzipped Initrd Image
imaWinImage Disk Image
imageApple Disk Image
imdImageDisk Disk Image
imgAndroid Boot Image
imgCloneCD Image
imgQEMU Qcow Disk Image
imgpartMac OS X NDIF Image Part
imzWinImage ZIP Compressed Disk Image
ipfInterchangeable Preservation File
isoISO 9660 Cd-Rom Disk Image
isodCloneDVD ISO Image
iszUltraISO Compressed Image
iszZIP Compressed ISO Image
iv2iNorton Ghost Incremental Virtual Volume Image
ixaUlead DVD Workshop Disk Image
ixbUlead DVD MovieFactory Disc Image
jffs2Journalling Flash File System 2 Disk Image
jfsJFS Filesystem Image
jsoJISO Compressed PSP ISO Image
kvdKACE Virtual Disk
lcdCDSpace Disk Image
lk12LIKO-12 Disk Image
loxiLiquidCD Open XML Image
lviLazesoft Recovery Suite Disk Image
mbiMagicISO Multi-Boot Image
mbrSaved Master Boot Record
md0Alcohol 120% CD Image Segment
md1Gear CD-ROM Mode 1 Image
mdbRealSpec Emulator MB-02 Disk Image
mdfAlcohol 120% CD Image
mdsAlcohol 120% CD Image Descriptor
mdsMedia Descriptor for Disk Image
mdvQLAY MDV Image
minisoDVDFab MiniISO Image
mirMini Image Ripper Image
momlModeling Markup Language Document
msaAtari ST MSA Floppy Disk Image
msxMSX Disk Image
murAtari ST Disk Image
mzpWinArchiver Mountable ZIP Archive
ndifMac OS X New Disk Image Format Image
ndzEmulab Frisbee Disk Image
nkitNKit Image
nnNero CD File List
norNOR File System Image
nrgNero CD Image
ntfsNTFS Partition Image
omgGFI Backup Hard Disk Image
opdOpus Discovery Disk Image
owfsOWFS Image
p01Roxio Toast CD Image
p2iCyberlink Power2Go Image
partimgPartimage Data
pbfParagon Backup Image
pchdPC Backup Utilities Disk Image
pdiInstant CD/DVD Image
pfmParagon Backup Image Descriptor
pfoEncrypted Private Folder
pgdPGP Virtual Disk Image
pqbPowerQuest BootMagic MBR Backup
pqiPowerQuest Drive Image
pv8Pixel Vision 8 Disk Image
pvfsPVFS Image
pvhdParagon HDM Virtual Hard Drive Image
pxiPlexTools Disc Image
qcowQEMU Copy On Write Disk Image
qedQEMU Disk Image
ratdvdRatDVD Compressed Disk Image
rawtHD Workbench Truncated RAW Disk Data
rdfCyberlink PowerProducer Disk Image
rdiRohos Disk Image
refsResilient File System Image
rqiR-Quest TrueNet Disc Image
rrISO Disk Image with Rock Ridge Extension
rvdVPHybridCAD Drawing
rwmWindows Imaging Resource-only File
s01ASR Smart Disk Image
sacdSACD Image
sdeSteganos Safe Disk Encryption Data
sdfsSDFS Image
sdiSystem Deployment Image
sdkShrinkIt Shrunk Disk Image
sdskSafeHouse Private Storage
simgSynclavier Disk Image
sleSteganos Security Suite Virtual Drive
soptSynclavierX Optical Disk Image
sparsebundleMac OS X Sparse Bundle
sparsefsBlueStacks Disk Image
sparseimageMac OS X Sparse Image
spsCommodore 64 Disk Mastering Info
squashfsSquashFS Image
stAtari ST Standard Floppy Disk Image
subCloneCD Sub Channel Data
swmSplitted Windows Imaging File
t64Commodore 64 Tape Image
taoTrack-at-Once CD/DVD Image
tapCommodore 64 Casette Tape Image
tbiTeraByte Unlimited Image
tcTrueCrypt Volume
tczTiny Core Linux TCZ Image
td0Teledisk Floppy Image
tibAcronis True Image Backup
tldTeledisk Compressed Image
toastRoxio Toast Disk Image
tocBrasero ToC Data
ubiUBI Filesystem Image
udifApple Mac OS X Universal Disk Image
ufsFreeBSD Unix File System Image
uibakUltraISO Backup Image
uifMagicISO Disk Image
v2iNorton Ghost Virtual Volume Image
vaporcdVaporCD Image
vc10Virtual CD v10 Image
vcdFarStone Virtual Drive Image
vcdVirtual CD Image
vciVPHybridCAD Old Drawing
vddPhantom Burner Virtual Disk Image
vdiVirtualBox Virtual Disk Image
veracryptVeraCrypt Encyrpted Volume
vfdVirtual Floppy Disk Image
vffWii Virtual Fat Filesystem
vhdVirtual Hard Disk Image
vhdxWindows Server Virtual Hard Drive
vmaProxmox Virtual Machine Archive
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