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Development File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
gshaderVisual Studio GL Shader Data
gsoapgSOAP Settings
gspGosu Program
gspGroovy Server Page
gssGAUSS Source Code
gstGosu Template
gsxGosu Enhancements Data
gsyGreen Shoes Package
gtIBM WebSphere sMash Groovy Template
guessAutotools Triplet
gui4cliGui4Cli Data
gumGAMBIT Universal Model Machine Data
gweGameWeaver Executable
gwfBenthic Golden Data File
gwspAxeda Builder Project
gxpGoogle XML Pages File
gxrGeneXus Report
gydXilinx ISE CPLD Guide Data
gypChromium GYP Language File
gypiChromium GYP Language Include
hC Header File
hXcode Objective-C Header
h--Sphinx C-- Language Header File
h2H2 Database File
h32Borland C++ 32bit Include File
h86µVision Intel HEX Data
hacHelma Actions Script
haiNTgraph Nt09b-2b EMX Library
halHansaWorld Hansa Applications Language File
hamHAM Executable File
hamlHaml Source Code
hasHaskell Script
hashCrestron SIMPL Autoupdate Hash Data
hbbHAHTsite HAHTtalk Basic Object Data
hbsHAHTsite HAHTtalk Basic Code Page
hbsHandlebars Template
hbwHAHTsite Widget Source Code
hcfCompact HAM Library
hdclHierarchical Dynamic Composition Language Document
hdevHDevelop Data
hdmpWindows Heap Dump
hdvpHDevelop External Procedure
hdxDelphi MultiHelp Index
hehScarlett Expert System Compiler Facts Data
heiHeitml Source Code
henHEN Project
hetWinSQL HTML Export Template
hexIntel HEX Format Data
hgGNOME C++ Header
hgMercurial Data
hgdepsMercurial Dependencies Data
hgignoreMercurial Ignore Data
hgsigsMercurial Signatures Data
hgsubMercurial Subrepo Data
hgtagsMercurial Tags Data
hhHTML Help Header File
hhcHTML Help Table of Contents
hhhPower C Precompiled Header
hhkHTML Help Index
hhlVisual Basic Data
hiHaskell Interface
hicHicEst Script
hieGHC HI Extended
hintVisual C++ Hint Data
hiroARToolKit Hiro Marker Data
hjHabanero-Java Source Code
hkkHTML Help AutoIndex
hksHTML-Kit Script
hlHaxe Compiler Output
hlaHigh Level Assembly Source Code
hlslMicrosoft DirectX D3D High Level Shader Language
hlsliMicrosoft DirectX D3D High Level Shader Language Include
hlxVisual C++ Syntax Coloring Data
hmWinHelp Context ID
hmp3D Gamestudio Terrain Data
hocHOC Script
hpackHaskell Package
hpfHigh Performance Fortran Source Code
hppC++ Header File
hprofEclipse IDE Java Heap Dump
hpwCompuServe Home Page Wizard Document
hpyGuppy-PE Profiler Data
hqlApache Hive HiveQL Script
hrlErlang Header File
hsHaskell Source
hsdlHierarchical Scan Description Language Data
hseHomesite Snippet End
hshaderVisual Studio HShader Data
hsmAssembly Header File
hspWinDev HyperFileSQL Stored Procedure
hssHomesite Snippet Start
htdAdobe ExtendScript HTML Document
htlHTL Source
htphtp Source File
htsUniface Server Page HTMs Data
hxHaxe Source Code
hxaMS Help 2 Project Attribute Definition
hxcMS Help 2 Project Collection Definition
hxeMS Help 2 Project Sample Definition
hxfMS Help 2 Project Include File
hxkMS Help 2 Project Index
hxmlHaxe Compiler Options
hxnMicrosoft Visual Studio Help Data
hxtMS Help 2 Project ToC
hxvMS Help 2 Project Virtual Topic Definition
hydraAdobe Pixel Bender Kernel
hydraHydra Image Filter Program
hzoCrossWorks for ARM Object
hzxCrossWorks for ARM Linked Executable
iAPLAC Source Code
iBorland C++ Intermediate Preprocessor Output
iIAR System Preprocessed Source Data
iINTERCAL Source File
iOpenEdge ABL Include File
iVisual C++ Preprocessed Source
i3Modula-3 Interface Source Code
i6Inform 6 Source Code
i64Interactive Disassembler Data
i6tInform 6 Template
i7Inform 7 Source Code
i7xInform 7 Extension Source Code
ianCOOL:Jex Business Team Model
iapInfinity Engine Add-on Patcher File
iblIBasic Component
ibpluginInterface Builder Plug-in
ib_monIncrediBuild Build Progress Data
icEsterel Intermediate Code
icµVision Intermediate C Source Code
icfImplementation Configuration File
icfgAristotle Interprocedural Control Flow Graph
iciICI Source Code
icpRemote Call Profiler Data
icuICU Data
iczLib2Def Output File
id0IDA Database
idaInternet Data Administration Script
idapiBorland Database Engine IDAPI Data
idbIntelliJ IDEA Database
idbPascal/Delphi Database
idbVisual Studio Intermediate Debug Data
ideaIntelliJ IDEA Metadata
identcacheDelphi Temporary Cache Data
identcacheRAD Studio Refactoring Data
idepluginXcode IDE Plug-in
idhOpenCBM File
idkInterface Development Kit Archive
idlInterface Definition File
idlOMG CORBA Interface Definition Language File
idlVisual Studio C++ Interface Definition Library
idleIDle Script Source
idllCodeWarrior DLL
idmlAdobe InDesign Markup Language Document
idnAlpha Five Index Definition File
idolIDle Object Library
idtWindows Installer Exported Database
idxCA Visual Objects Project Index
idyMicro Focus COBOL Debug Data
iexElixir Interactive Shell Script
ifmFactoryTalk View Studio Information Message Component File
ifmIBM WebSphere Interface Mapping
ifrUEFI IFR Opcode
ifxIBM Rational XDE IFX Data
igModula-3 Generic Interface Source Code
igbIntrinsic Alchemy Graphics Binary Data
igrQuest3D Channel Group Layout Data
igzIntrinsic Alchemy Asset
ihC++ Internal Header
ihpWatcom C Compiler Help
iiGCC Preprocessed C++ Source Code
iimiMacros Script
ijfJ Language Component File
ijlJ Locked Script
ijrJ Runtime Script
ijsJ Script File
ijtJ Language Labs File
ijxJ Language Execution Window Data
ikIoke Source Code
ilCadence SKILL File
ilEuphoria Shrouded Source Code
ilFortran 90 Inline Expansion Data
ilIL Source Code
ilMSIL Assembler Input Data
ilSimuPLC ECL Instruction List
ileEncrypted Cadence SKILL File
ilkVisual Studio Incremental Link File
ilvILOG Views Data
imageSqueak Image
imakeImake File
imgPsion OPL Image
imgsaoAleph One Image
imlIntelliJ IDEA Module
impFileMaker Pro Import Data Filter
impPascal/Delphi Implementation Data
in7Ox Data
inaAlpha Five Form Definition Data
incASP Include File
incGeneral Include File
incrVisual C# Compiler Incremental Data
indexEclipse IDE Help Index
inhVisual Basic Basfwin Data
inlVisual C++ Inline Function File
innMicro Focus COBOL Overlay File
inoArduino Sketch
inspxeIntel Inspector Results Data
intDelphi Interface Unit
intMicro Focus COBOL Intermediate Code
intVisual FoxPro Codepage Data
intoInterspector Object
inventorSGI Open Inventor Data
iobjVisual Studio Intermediate Object
iotHitachi Ladder Editor IO Comment
ipbApple iOS Perl Script
ipchIntellisense Precompiled Header
ipdbVisual Studio Internal Compilation Database
ipdlIPC Protocol Definition Language Document
ippInline Guard Macro File
ipyIPython Script
ipynbIPython Notebook Document
ipynpIPython Plot Document
irCrestron SIMPL IR Driver
irbInteractive Ruby Script
irdCrestron SIMPL IR Resource Data
ireIre Language Source Code
irevLiveCode RevServer Script
irlIBM WebSphere ILOG JRules Data
isModula-3 Intermediate Assembly File
is1Synergy/DE Data Index
isdInstallShield Dialog
islInstallShield Pro Log
isnInstallShield Skin
issInstallShield Response File
itbU-Boot uImage Image Tree Blob
itclCygwin iwidgets Script
itfJPI TopSpeed Pascal Interface File
itqSAIA S-Web ITQ File
itraceMicrosoft Visual Studio iTrace Data
itsU-Boot uImage Image Tree Source
ivuImmerVision XML User Interface
ivy2Apache Ivy 2 Cache
iwbIWBasic Source Code
iwdgtiWeb Widget
iwsIntelliJ IDEA Workspace
ix3Instant.Exe 3.0 Script
ixxModula-3 Linker Information Data
izdIntrexx Application Export Format Data
izs1st Page 2000 Script
i_cafAmazon Lumberyard Intermediate CAF Data
j1EDIT Compiler JEDEC Boundary Data
j3oJMonkey Engine 3D Object
jaclIBM WebSphere Server ACL Script
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