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Development File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
falFalcon Script
famFalcon Compiled Module
fbGforth Blocks File
fbapFinalBuilder Action Package
fbl5FinalBuilder Project Log
fblzFinalBuilder Compressed Project Log
fbpwxFormBuilder Project
fbpinfFinalBuilder Project Info
fbvFinalBuilder Persistent Variables File
fcbFAAST Builder File
fceForeUI Custom Element
fclForeUI Custom Library
fclrFlowgorithm Color Scheme Data
fcsCC5X C Compiler Function Call Structure
fctVisual FoxPro Catalog Memo
fdFortran Declaration File
fdaFlashDevelop Argument File
fdbFlashDevelop Binary File
fdbVisual FoxPro Database
fdlFlashDevelop Layout File
fdmFlashDevelop Macro
fdmlFilemaker Dynamic Markup Language Document
fdtFlashDevelop Template
fdzFlashDevelop Zip File
feFerite Source Code
featureSharePoint Feature Data
featureTestComplete Project Features Data
fecFerite C Source Code
feedbackBlend for Visual Studio Feedback
feiGeoworks Fatal Error Infotable
fevFMOD Audio Events
fexWebFOCUS Procedure File
ffARRIS SigmaC Source Code
ffeMicrosoft DirectInput Force Feedback Effect
fgbValve Source FGB Data
fgdValve Hammer Forge Game Data
fglFGL Source Code
fhmASIP Meister Data
fhsAdobe Flash FlashHelp Skin Data
fhzAdobe Flash FlashHelp Compressed Skin Data
fiFortran Interface File
fiGforth Image File
ficWinDev HyperFileSQL Database
figLahey Fortran Linker Options Data
figMATLAB Figure
fildBase Application Generator File List
filProWorx NXT Format Export
filmaoAleph One Film Data
filtersVisual C++ Project Filters
fimppFiM++ Source Code
fkFlick App
fkyMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Macro File
flaShockwave Flash Source File
flbVersaPro Folder Backup
flbxEasyBuilder Pro Picture Library
fldVersaPro Folder Contents Data
fllVisual FoxPro DLL
flmFlasm Disassembled SWF
flmVisual FoxPro Library
flrFlare Decompiled ActionScript File
flwVisustin FlowChart
flwXilinx XFLOW Flow Data
flyFly Script
fmbOracle Forms Form Module Binary
fmdlKonami Fox Engine Model
fmgHarbour MiniGUI IDE Form
fmodBASE IV Compiled Object
fmtIAR System Formatting Data
fmtOracle Forms Form Module Text
fmtUniface Format Data
fmtVisual FoxPro Format Data
fmxDelphi Form Data
fmxOracle Forms Form Module Executable
fnGCL Cross Referencing Data
fonHitachi Ladder Editor Force File
footerWebSTAR Directory Indexer Footer
formGambas V2 Form
foxFoxBase Compiled Executable
foxVisual FoxPro Executable
fpOpenGL Fragment Program
fpVisual FoxPro Configuration Data
fp2Crestron SIMPL Symbol Mapping Data
fp3FastReport v3 Prepared Report
fpaFront Panel Express Order Data
fpcFreePascal Compiler Makefile
fpdFront Panel Express Design
fpgtFlowgorithm Program Template
fpmVisual FoxPro Startup Data
fppFortran Source Code
fppFront Panel Designer Project
fpqMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Updatable Query File
fprgFlowgorithm Program
fpsFPS Creator Segment
fptFileMaker Pro Database Memo
fptVisual FoxPro Memo
fpxFastReport .NET Prepared Report
fpxVisual FoxPro Compiled Program
fr3FastReport v3 Form
frameworkXcode Applicatiuon Framework Data
frfFreeReport Form
frgDBase IV Uncompiled Report
frmUniface Form Data
frmVisual Basic Form
frpgFlowgorithm Internal XML Data
frtVisual FoxPro Report Memo
frxVisual FoxPro Report
fsF# Implementation
fsForth Source Code
fsGforth Forth Stream Source Code
fsbForm Z Compiled Script
fscrChromeEd Forester Data Script
fshOpenGL Fragment Shader
fsiF# Signature File
fslForm Z Script
fsqCryENGINE Facial Editor Sequence
fstCA-dBFast Linkable Program
fsxF# Script
ftdFalcon Template Document
ftlFreeMarker Template
ftlhFreeMarker HTML Template
ftlxFreeMarker XML Template
ftrFalcon Translation
fttFalcon Translation Template
ftxWinDev HyperFileSQL Full-text Index
fullCygwin Variable Log
funcFN Project Function Metadata
fw4Framework IV File
fwebFWEB Initialization Data
fwxFoxWeb Script
fxMicrosoft DirectX D3D Effect
fxaFaceFX Actor File
fxdFoxPro FoxDoc Support Data
fxhMetaTrader 4 Backup Data
fxhXNA Game Studio HLSL Header File
fxlCryENGINE Facial Expression Library
fxlFaceFX Language File
fxmlJavaFX Interface Description
fxoMicrosoft DirectX Pre-compiled Shader
fxpVisual FoxPro Compiled Program
fxplAdobe Flash FXP Library
gabWinDev Skin Template
gambasGambas V2 Application
garGridGain Archive
gasAtari Jaguar GPU Assembly Source
gbBasic4GL Source Code
gb1Game Maker Backup File
gbasGLBasic Source Code
gbfBASIS GUIBuilder Control Data
gbkDelphi Runimage iblocal Examples Data
gbkEmbarcadero InterBase Database Backup
gblVisual Basic Global Declaration
gbsGeneric Build Support Metadata File
gc1Golden Common Lisp 1.1 Source Code
gc3Golden Common Lisp 3 Source Code
gccGCC Related Data
gcdaGcov Data File
gcgGAUSS Compiled Program
gchPrecompiled C Header File
gclGNU Common Lisp Source Code
gcnaGcov Compiled Output
gcnoGcov Metadata File
gcobTRANSFER Cobol Source Code
gcovGNU GCOV Logfile
gcrGlowCode Profiling Results
gdGodot Engine Source Code
gdbEmbarcadero InterBase Database File
gdcGodot Engine Compiled Script
gdfAltera Quartus II Graphic Design Data
gdshaderGodot Engine Shader Data
gdtGraph Drawing Toolkit Output
gekGECK/Papyrus Script Editor Script
gemspecRubyGems Gem Specification
gendBase Application Generator Compiled Template
generictestMicrosoft Visual Studio Generic Test Data
genmodelEclipse Modeling Framework GenModel Data
gexGameMaker Studio Extension
gfGrammatical Framework Source
gfaGFA BASIC Tokenized Source
gfarGreenfoot Scenario Archive
gfeGrammatical Framework Example
gfmGitHub Flavored Markdown Document
gfoGrammatical Framework Object
gfsGrammatical Framework Script
gfxThe Games Factory Extension
ggfxFactoryTalk View Studio Global Object Display Component File
ggiGGI Data
ghcAdobe RoboHelp Visual Basic Constant Map
gitGit Repository Data
gitattributesGit Attributes
gitconfigGit Options Data
gitextGit Extension
gitignoreGit Ignore File
gitkeepGit Keep File
gitmodulesGit Submodule Properties Data
gld3DFX Glide Data
gldMPLAB C Compiler Linker Script
glnkTRANSFER Linkage Definitions
gloAdobe RoboHelp Glossary Data
globalGlobal Makefile
glsGLScript Game Script
glslOpenGL Shading Language File
glslesfOpenGL ES Shader Fragment Data
glslesvOpenGL ES Shader Variation Data
gluawProgrammer's Notepad Text
glutOpenGL GLUT Library Data
glyUniface Glyph Data
glyphUniface Glyph Object
gmGameMonkey Script
gm6Game Maker 6.x Data
gm8Game Maker 8 Data
gm81Game Maker 8.1 Data
gmdGame Maker 4.x Data
gmdbGMap.NET Database
gmezGameMaker Studio Extension
gmfGame Maker 3.x Data
gmkGame Maker 7.x Data
gmlGameMaker Studio GML Script
gmrGame Maker Compiled Game
gmxGameMaker: Studio Data
gmzGameMaker: Studio Complete Source
gnlGNT Analyzer Result Data
gntMicro Focus COBOL Generated Code
goGo Source Code
gobjGeoworks Object
gocGEOS GOC Source Code
goconveyGoConvey Profile Data
gohGEOS GOC Header
gormGorm Interface Resource
goxThe Games Factory Extension Object
gpcGenie Backup Manager Plugin
gpdscKEIL µVision Generator Pack Description
gphStata Graph File
gpiGNU Pascal Interface
grGX Resource Source File
gr2Granny 3D Document
graOpenGL Object Graphic
gradleAndroid Studio Gradle Properties
grafsaoAleph One Shapes Data
grcGX Compiled Resource File
grdGRX Driver
grdeclEclipse ASCII Grid Data
grfGraphEdit Filter Graph Data
grhGX Resource Header File
grmMINOS Data
groovyGroovy Script
grpAmazon Lumberyard Group Data
gsGofer Source Code
gsGoogle Apps Script
gsGosu Class Data
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