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Development File Extensions

ExtensionFile Type
$Visual Basic Symbols Data
$$m3D Gamestudio Backup Map Data
$bTR-DOS Basic Data
$dxCA Visual Objects Index Backup
1stVisual FoxPro Documenting Wizard List
1tFortran 1T Data
2clkFrontier for Mac Script
2lang2LANG Data
3dfbat3DField Script
3dmlw3D Markup Language for Web Document
3mpTTCN-3 Source Code
3xe3DLinX Entity Data
42mGenero BDL Compiled Module
4da4D User Forms Data
4geIBM Informix 4GL Compiled Code
4glIBM Informix 4GL Source Code
4maFileMaker Pro Runtime Database
4uiForeUI Plot
aFree Pascal Archive
a1Free Pascal Compiled Archive
a3cAlan v3 Adventure Code
a3xAutoIt v3 Compiled Script
a43IAR System MSP430 Target Application
a4eAdobe Authorware External Library
a4lAdobe Authorware Library
a4mMacromedia Authorware Macintosh File
a4pMacromedia Authorware Source
a4wMacromedia Authorware Windows File
a51Adobe Authorware 5.1 Library
a51µVision Assembler Source Code
a5rptAlpha Five Project Report
a5wAlpha Five Web Publishing File
a5wcmpAlpha Five Web Publishing Component
a65Adobe Authorware 6.5 Library
a68PDP-10 Algol-68 Compiler Source Code
a7eMacromedia Authorware Packaged Library
a86A86 Assembly Source Code
aahAmazingly Abstracted HTML Document
aapkgArchestrA IDE Package
aasWindows Application Assignment Script
abAndroid Debug Bridge Backup
abApplix Builder Data
abapABAP Source Code
abcAdobe ActionScript Bytecode
abcLithTech 3D Game Model
abexEnhanced Android Backup
ablABEL Hardware Description Language Data
abmAlpha Five Database Export
abnAlpha Five Database Export
aboApplix Builder Object
absAtari Jaguar DRI/Alcyon Format Data
absGCC ELF/DWARF Format Absolute Data
acGNU Autoconf Input File
accessorVisual Studio Accessor Data
aclArbortext Command Language Data
acmeACME Assembler Source Code
acsupAvaya CMS Script
actDS Game Maker Action Data
actVisual FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram
actxDS Game Maker Action Description
acuACUCOBOL-GT Compiled Program
acxIBM Rational XDE ACX Data
acxWebFOCUS Data Description
adAxSys Script
adDSM Application Diagram
adaAda Source Code
adbAda Implementation File
adbAlpha Five Database
adblockAlpha Five Database Lock
addApache Beehive Collection Data
addinVisual Studio Add-in Definition
adiMicrosoft Dynamics AX Application Developer Documentation Index
adlsADL Source File
adppAdobe Device Central Profile Package
adsAda Specification File
adtEclipse IDE Cobol Project
adtIBM AIX Application Development Toolkit Data
advixeexpIntel Advisor Results Data
advsAdobe Device Central Device Set
aefCA Visual Objects Application Export Data
aelAsterisk Extension Language Source Code
aetFileMaker Pro Runtime Database
aexAlpha Five Compiled Library Script
aflPsion OPL Add-file List
agcAfterGRASP Compiled Script
agiAsterisk Gateway Interface
aglsAdobe GoLive Snippet
agoAutolog Script
agpASPMaker Project
agqAltair GraphQL Client Data
agsAfterGRASP Script
agwlAbstract Grid Workflow Language Data
ahfAnadigmDesigner ASCII Code
ahrOmnis Studio Ad hoc Report
ahtmlAmulet Module Main OS File
aiOpenEdge ABL After Image
aidlAndroid Interface Definition Language Data
aifObject COBOL Animator Session Data
ainValve Source Compiled AI Nodegraph
aioAPL Transfer Format File
ajAspectJ Source Code
al11SAP ABAP AL11 Transaction Code
alanAlan v3 Source Code
albAlpha Five Library
algPDP-10 Algol Compiler Source Code
allJava RMI Policy File
almAlpha Five Data
alxActiveX Layout Control Data
alxAlpha Five Script Data
amApplix Builder Shelf Macro
amGNU Automake Input File
amdASCET XML Model Description
amfAutolog Macro
amlAbstract Markup Language File
amnAero Studio 2008 Menu Data
amosAMOS Source Code
aneAdobe AIR Native Extension
aniValve Source Model Animation Data
animeventsAmazon Lumberyard Animation Events Database
animgraphAmazon Lumberyard Animation Graph Data
animsetFaceFX Animation Set Data
animset_ingameFaceFX In-Game Animation Set Data
anlProject Analyzer Saved Data
ansymAdobe Edge Animate Symbol Data
anvAnastasia Style
aopJBoss AOP File
apWebSuite Active Page
ap3VS10XX VSOS Application
apcGupta Team Developer Compiled Application
apdEclipse IDE Plugin Descriptor
apgAPGen Script
apiWebObjects API File
apinotesSwift Objective-C API Note
aplGupta Team Developer Application Library
apltAppleScript Applet
apmAdobe Authorware for Mac Packaged Data
appdBase Application Generator Object
appGupta Team Developer Application
appOrbWorks PocketC Application
appPsion OVAL Application Data
appVisual FoxPro Application
appcOracle WebLogic APPC Data
appletEclipse IDE Java Applet Policy Data
appletviewerJava appletviewer Data
appodealAppodeal SDK Data
appupErlang Application Upgrade File
appxMicrosoft Windows 8 App Package
appxbundleMicrosoft Windows 8.1 App Bundle Package
appxbundlemanifestMicrosoft Windows 8.1 App Bundle Manifest File
appxmanifestWindows 8 App Package Manifest Data
appxsymWindows 8 App Package Symbols
appxuploadVisual Studio Windows Application Upload Data
apsUniface Startup Shell Data
apsVS Binary Resource Script Data
apwAdobe Authorware Packaged Data
apxBorland C++ AppExpert Database
apxWebSuite Compiled Active Page
aqfAquifer CMS Page
arJava JRE 1.3 Library
arUnix Static Library
arbfp1ARB Fragment Shader Program
arbvp1ARB Vertex Shader Program
arcBASIS ASCII Resource Data
arcvCrestron SIMPL Archive Manifest Data
armiCarbide ARMI Project
armxASP.NET Source Code
arnoldcArnoldC Source Code
aroSteelArrow Web Application
arqRemedy ARS Macro
arscAndroid Package Resource
asAdobe Flash ActionScript
asAngelScript File
as1ActionScript 1.0 Source Code
as3ActionScript 3.0 Source Code
asaASP Global Script
asaxASP.NET Application
asbxASP.NET BridgeHandler Data
ascAdobe ActionScript Communication Script
ascpAdobe Device Central Project
ascsActionScript Communication Server Script
ascsAdobe Device Central Data
ascxASP.NET User Controls
ashTurbo Assembler Header
ashxASP.NET HTTP Handler
asiAlpha Five Variables Data
asiAssembly Include File
asicASIC Source Code
asmAssembly Source Code
asmxASP.NET Web Service
asnUniface Assignment Data
asoActionScript Object
asoTurbo Assembler Compiled Object
aspActive Server Page
asp+ASP.NET ASP+ File
asprASProtect Related Data
aspxASP.NET Page
asqAcuSQL Precompiled File
asrFlash Server-side ActionScript
assetinfoAmazon Lumberyard Asset Info Data
asvCrestron SIMPL Program Autosave
asvMATLAB AutoSave File
asxAlpha Five Database Index
aszAlphaControls Skin Package
aszLoseThos Assembly Source Code
atcACUCOBOL-GT Thin Client Command File
atgCoco/R Attributed Grammar File
atlATP Assembler Source Code
atnVisual FoxPro Internet Search Wizard Data
atslnAtmel Studio Solution
au3AutoIt v3 Script
aubIntel GPU Simulator Input
autAutoIt Script
autosaveGDevelop Autosave Data
avmQAvimator Document
avrslnAtmel Studio Legacy Solution File
awkAWK Script
awlAlternative Web Language Source Code
awlSiemens AWL File
awlWebDev AWP Page Library
awpWebDev AWP Page
awwsWebDev WebService Library
awxMicrosoft DirectX AWX Data
axbAlpha Five Xbasic Script
axdASP.NET Trace Handler
axeAnnotated XML Example
axeParadigm C++ Integrated Debugger Data
axfARM RealView Compiler Object
axfµVision Absolute and Executable Object
axlASCET Compressed Model Data
axmlXamarin Android XML Layout
axpAxpDataGrid Data
axpGNU Arch Extension Data
axsActiveX Script
ayaAyauhteotl Parser Data
azcliMicrosoft Azure CLI Script
bBuRg3r Definition Data
bLimbo Source Code
bModula-3 Base Program
b24Ovation Pro for RISC OS C Script
b25Ovation Pro for RISC OS DDL Data
b26Ovation Pro for RISC OS Style Sheet
b27Ovation Pro for RISC OS Document
b2dBrutus2D Source Code
b32Borland C Compiler Data
b36PDP-10 BLISS-36 Compiler Source Code
babylonBabylon.js Scene
bacpacMicrosoft SQL Server DAC Exported Package
balB4A Layout
bamlCompiled XAML
barBREW MP Binary Application Resource
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