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ExtensionFile Type
omarSOCSIM Output Marriage File
ombOmnibus Offline Web Storage Data
omcsOffice Manager SQL Archive
omdRouting J Server Data
omegMathematica for Mac OMEG Data
omfRouting J Server Routing Data
omfiOpen Media Framework File
omlogCA OM Web Viewer Log
ommOptiMatrix Maker Data
ommTransformation Extender Old Map Source
omnOmnipotent Collection Text
omrOMR Reader Template
omsLightShow Pro Optimized Media Sequence
omsOrder Maven Data
omtSITH HLA Object Model Template
omtTransformation Extender Old Type Tree
omueXtendable Wad Editor OMU Data
omxhyperMILL CAM Temporary Calculation Data
onbatchON1 Photo Batch Data
ondLotus Notes Database
oneEdgeCAM Licensing Data
oneQTLmapper Data
onebinMicrosoft OneNote Binary Data
onecacheMicrosoft OneNote Cached Data
oneffectsPerfect Effects Effects Data
onenhancePerfect Effects Enhance Data
onepkgMicrosoft OneNote Package
onetasticOnetastic for OneNote Data
onetmpMicrosoft OneNote Temporary File
onetocMicrosoft OneNote Table of Contents
onexportON1 Photo Export Data
onlPATCHMASTER Online Analysis Information
onmOutdoor Navigator Map
onportraitON1 Photo Portrait Data
onportraitfdPerfect Effects Data
onresizePerfect Effects Resize Data
onttheWord Bible Text Module
ontxtheWord Encrypted Bible Text Module
onwOmron NTST Data
onxONYX PosterShop Packaged Job
onxOnyxGRASS 3D Model
ooaOOA Interchange Format Data
oobSybase PowerDesigner Object-oriented Model Backup
oocCHARTrunner Out-of-control Tests Definition
oodagtdatO&O Defrag Binary Report Data
oodbriO&O Defrag Binary Report Data
ookArachne Batch Script
oolOrbit GIS Object List
oomSybase PowerDesigner Object-oriented Model
ooxmlOffice Open XML File
opEntrypoint 90 Operator Profile Data
opeSignal OptionsPlus Data
opOpenPAT Report Data
op2Nastran Binary Results
opalMicrosoft Office Language Specific Resources Data
opbBryce Object Data
opbGurobi Optimizer Pseudo-boolean Optimization Data
opcOffice Upgrade Control
opcOrbit Point Cloud Data
opcsesOpticodec-PC Session Data
opdDurango Interferometry Software Data
opdWyko NT9100 Surface Profiler Surface Data
opdownloadOpera Partially Downloaded File
opeIRCS Observation Procedure Execution Data
openbusAltium Designer OpenBus System Document
opfConcordance Print Settings Data
opfFlipAlbum FlipBook Data
opiAdlib Express OCR Processing Information
opiOpenPanorama Image File
opjOmniPage Job Data
oplOpenPanorama Lensflare File
opmQuadrox Digital CCTV System Components Data
opopSOCSIM Output Population File
opoxSOCSIM Output Extra Variables File
oppiPhotoDVD Data
oppOpenPanorama Panorama File
opqEschalon: Book I Game Data
oprcPalm OS Desktop OPRC Data
opsAltair FEKO OPTFEKO Internal Data
opsDynamite VSP Object Placement Style Data
opsOrbit Point Cloud Selection Data
optAGT Game OPT Data
optAltair FEKO CADFEKO Optimisation Data
optConcordance Native Viewer Database
optCRiSP Harvest Output Path Data
optCX-Programmer OPT Data
optDigital Line Graph Optional Vector Data
optPsion Organiser OPL Source
optionsEclipse IDE Trace Options
opuscertDirectory Opus Certificate Data
opvOpenPanorama Visit File
opweSignal Options Data
opxFlipAlbum PhotoAlbum Data
opxPsion Organiser OPX Library
opyOptiY Model
op_GKSetup Support Data
or2Lotus Organizer 2 Data
or3Lotus Organizer 97 Data
or4Lotus Organizer 4 Data
or8IBM Rational Rose Oracle8 Database Model Report
orbXMVB Optimized VB Orbitals
orbxOctaneRender Scene Package
orcOracle Database Script
ordOMAX Routed Data File
ordOpen Reminder Database
orgHollywood FX Effects Organizer Data
orgLotus Organizer Data
orgOdds Ratio Generator Data
orientRibbons Orientation File
orjInterSelect PhotoScan Data
orlObject-Relational Language Data
ormOrmetis Workbench Data
ormvOrmetis View Data
oro3WayPack T3Rotate Output
orpMicrosoft Translator for Android Resources Data
orpWinSLAMM ORP Data
orqOCSP Request Data
orxRadiantOne VDS Database Schema
oryAct! Opportunities Query Data
osAltair FEKO POSTFEKO Currents Data
os2OS/2 Warp System File
os3OS/2 Warp 3 System Data
osaJD Edwards EnterpriseOne OSA File
osbxOneSafe Backup Archive
oscofficeatwork Shortcut Data
oscOpenStreetMap Change
oscdTouchOSC Interface Editor Template
osctofficeatwork Shortcut Template
osetMarmoset OSET Data
osfOpera Skin Data
osgOSGJS JSON Input File
oshIBM InfoSphere Schema Data
osiASAM Open Simulation Interface Data
osiOsiris Data
osisOpen Scriptural Information Standard Data
oslOckamSoft 4 Log
oslOrbit Symbol Library
osmOpenStreetMap Map
osmWaterGEMS Outage Segmentation Results Data
ospxDell KACE Patch Definition FIle
ossMicrosoft Office Outlook Saved Search
ostMicrosoft Outlook Offline Folder File
oswONESWING Contents Data
oswPowernet Waveform File
oszOpenLP Service File
otAtari Jaguar TOM Object
otTheWord Old Testament Text Module
otdrYokogawa OTDR Data
oteOrbscan Treatment Export Data
otfOpenTuft Tufting Design
othMicrosoft PowerToys Explorer Tool Data
othOrigin Theme Data
otlNoteTab Outline
otlVentura Publisher Type Foundry Outline Editor Data
otlbMicrosoft OLE Type Library
otnOmniPage Training
otodotOTOsuite Custom Report Data
otosetOTOsuite Settings Data
otpTop Secret Crypto Gold One Time Pad Key
otrIRIX Compiled File-type Rules Data
otvRotor-Disc OTV Kit OTV Calibration Data
otv5keyonlineTV Registration Key Data
otvdatafileonlineTV Data
otvlangfileonlineTV Language Data
otxtheWord Encrypted Old Testament Text Module
otzOpenLP Theme File
oubOubliette Data
oudAdlib Express User Defined Dictionary
oufOtravi Unit Frames Data
outAltair FEKO POSTFEKO ASCII Output Data
outBibExcel OUT Data
outCatapult DCT2000 Trace Data
outFAST Output Data
outFire Dynamics Simulator Output Data
outMovie.BYU Output Data
outMyInfo Document Outline Data
outNastran Tabular Output
outNovaBACKUP Backup Data
outRMCProfile Results Data
out1UltraEdit Outline Data
outbFAST Binary Output Data
outjobAltium Designer OutputJob Data
outlineFontTwister Letter Outline Data
ouvSphinx Open Ended Responses Data
ouxBibExcel OUX Data
ouxPCCharge Transaction Response XML File
ovOpenInsight Overflow Data
ov2TomTom POI Database
ov4MS-DOS Overlay Data
ovaWeb Studio Project Page
ovbOnkoS Vocabulary Backup Data
ovdOverDisk Data
overlayStreamlabs OBS Overlay Data
ovfOpen Virtualization Format Data
oviPC-9801 FM System Data
ovisuiteNokia Ovi Suite Data
ovlE-Sword v8 Overlay Data
ovlxE-Sword v9 Overlay Data
ovmBHV Tonstudio Data
ovmlOvidentia Markup Language Document
ovologooVoo Log File
ovsARTA Overlay Data
ovsOrbit Vector Symbol Data
ovtOrbit Vector File Tiled
ovwCool Edit Pro Overview Data
ovwCubase WAVE File Overview
ovwLogic Pro Overview Data
owcOutWit Hub OutWit Catch Database
owcWAsP Observed Wind Climate
owfOSRAM Waveform File
owgOutWit Hub Gear Database
owmOutWit Hub XML Mashup
owpmlHangul Word Processor 2018 Document
owtOneWorldTree Data
owxOutWit Hub Script
oxbOlapX Report Portfolio Data
oxcOlapX Cube Definition
oxdPS3 Proxy Server Data
oxePulsar Z.matrix Data
oxfIBM Rational Rhapsody Data
oxfOrbit XML Vector Data
oxfOrigin X-Function File
oxlLITESTAR 4D Data File
oxmlOXML 2.0 Data
oxpOmniRush eXtended Package
oxvOlapX Local View Data
oxyMatplotlib OXY Data
oybOrganize Your Beanie Babies Data
oyxLotus Approach Alternate Database Index
ozOpera Job Management Compressed File
ozdOZ Report Data
ozmSharp Wizard Memo Bank
ozpOrgadata LogiKal OZP Data
ozpSharp Wizard Phone Bank Data
p0WOW! Diagnostic P0 Data
p00Commodore 64 Program Image
p01gBurner Data
p01MicroStation Modification Project Resource File
p10Tektronix Plot-10 Drawing
p12PKCS #12 Data File
p12dDigiDoc PKCS#12 Certificate
p1dPLUS+1 GUIDE Data
p21Express STEP Data Model
p2aIBM Voice Type Languages Vocables Data
p2bPeerGuardian 2 Binary List
p2bteXtendable Wad Editor P2BT Data
p2cIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser Data
p2dMove3D Data
p2fWAMIT Poten to Force Data
p2lPointLineCAD 2D Drawing Layer
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