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ExtensionFile Type
mspMicrosoft Windows Installer Patch
msuMicrosoft Windows Vista Update Package
mtzMaltego Archive
mvaMatrox Setup Program Archive
mycSimply Safe Backup Archive
mzfMediaZip Compressed Archive
mzpAutodesk 3D Studio MAX Zipped MAXScript Package
mzzMicrosoft .NET Download Package
n000Genie Backup Manager Split Backup Archive
naiWinINSTALL LE NAI Package
narcNintendo DS Archive
nbaNero BackItUp Backup Archive
nbfNTI Backup Now Archive
nbpArcSoft Totalmedia Backup Archive
ncMCrypt Encrypted Archive
ncaSwitch Nintendo Content Archive
nfpNokia Flash Package
nhnijji REACTOR Game Package
novabackupNova Launcher Home Screen Backup
npacNeoEngine Resource Package
npfNTI Backup Now Partition File
nsarcNeuro-MEP.NET Software Archive
nskNaShrinK Compressed Archive
ntjJunction Box Backup
nugetNuGet Package
nvzNovelty Content Package
nxaNanoTrader Nano Export Archive
nzNanoZip Compressed Archive
oapBada Signed Installation Package
oapOutSystems Application Package
oarOpenSimulator Archive
oarcOptix Archive Bundle
obABF Outlook Backup Archive
ob5TopLang OE Backup Data
obbAndroid Opaque Binary Blob File
obml16Opera Mini Saved Web Page
obrOSGi Bundle Repository Data
ocbOxygen Forensic Detective Cloud Backup Archive
odbOxygen Forensic Detective Desktop Backup
odmpOptix Collection Package
odzIBM OpenDoc Editor Package
oexOpera Extension
ofbOxygen Forensic Suite Backup
ofbrOxygen Forensic Detective Important Data Backup
ofbxOxygen Forensic Detective All Data Backup
ogpOpenG Package
olpMicrosoft Office Live Package
ompOffice Manager Document Archive
omzConfigura Drawing Archive
oopOOP Compressed Archive
opgLandonline Offline Plan Generation Package
opgOpenG Package File
opkGCW Zero Open Package
opkOrigin Pack File
opxOrigin v8 Package File
ospOutSystems Solution Package
ovaOpen Virtual Appliance
owrPeopleSoft Enterprise Results Archive
oxtOpenOffice.org Extension
ozipOppo Smartphone Firmware Update
ozipoZip Compressed Data
p3dPanda3D Archive
paPowerArchiver Compressed Archive
pacCrossePAC archive
packPack200 Archive
packageLinux Autopackage Package
pactCompact Pro Archive
paePowerArchiver Encrypted Archive
pafPortable Application Installer
pafzYouMinds Composer Portable Archive
paqHewlett-Packard Software Restore Archive
paq6PAQ6 Data Archive
paq7PAQ7 Data Archive
paq8PAQ8 Data Archive
paq8fPAQ8F Data Archive
paq8jcPAQ8JC Compressed Archive
paq8jdPAQ8JD Compressed Archive
paq8lPAQ8L Compressed Archive
paq8oPAQ8O Compressed Archive
paq8o8PAQ8O8 Compressed Archive
paq8pPAQ8P Compressed Archive
paq9aPAQ PAQ9A Compressed Archive
parSAP Portal Archive
par2Parity Archive v2 Data
paxPAX Archive
pbPocketCache Backup Data
pb1Backup Mill Backup Set
pbaPowerBackup Archive
pbfSprite Backup Archive
pbiPC-BSD Installer Package
pboBohemia Interactive Packed Object
pbrNovell BorderManager Support Pack
pckGodot Engine Game Package
pckMicrosoft SMS Package
pcompPolycomp Compressed Data
pcpxNEC WebPro Configuration Backup
pcvMozBackup Profile Backup
pdvPrivacy Drive Volume
pe3PhotoImpact 3 Image Archive
peaP-Encryption Suite Archive
peaPeaZip Archive
petPuppy Linux Install Package
pfStuffIt Private File
pgzStreamLync Download Archive
pimPIMPLE Compressed Archive
pimaAdobe Application Manager Package
pimxAdobe Creative Cloud Extension
pisiPardus Linux Package
pitPackIt Compressed Archive
pk3Quake 3 Engine Data
pkaPKArc Compressed Archive
pkdAmiga PackDev Disk Archive
pkgAutomise ActionDefs Package
pkgCoCreate OneSpace Packaged Data
pkgInstallShield Compiled Setup Package
pkgMac OS X Installer Package
pkgMicrosoft SMS Distribution Manager Package
pkgSony Playstation 3 Package
pkgSymbian OS Package
pkvSteam Package Data
pkxIBM Rational XDE Package
pkzCisco Packet Tracer Archive
platPlatinum Web Package
pmaMSX PMA Archive
pmaPegasus Mail Archive
pmfPartitionGuru Backup Image
pmomMindomo Desktop Packed Map
pmz4Power Music Backup Archive
pnhAdobe Project ROME Plug-in Archive
ppAmiga PowerPacker Compressed Archive
ppkgWindows ICD Provisioning Package
ppvPogle Platinum Version Archive
pro5templatebundleProPresenter 5 Template Bundle
prpkgAdobe Presenter Package
prpkgPreactor Package
psaPlesk Panel Backup Data
psaPretty Simple Archive archive
psarcSony PlayStation 3 Game Archive
psbNavicat Backup File
pscNavicat Compressed Backup File
pupPuppy Linux DotPup Package
pupgEfficia DFM100 Software Upgrade Package
putMicrofox PUT Compressed Archive
puzMicrosoft Publisher Packed Document
pvPV Elite Archive
pwvSSE Password Vault Archive
pwzipPolyworks Compressed Archive
pzipWinZip Mac Archive
pzvPTC Creo View MCAD Package
qarAltera Quartus II Project Archive
qcfMiliki Super Compressor Pro Archive
qdaQuadruple D Archive
qdzAltera Quartus II Device Package
qfcQFC Archive
qicWindows 95/98/ME Backup
qpQPress QuickLZ Compressed Archive
qpkQNX Package File
qpkgQNAP QTS Package
qqShrinkit BLU Archive
qqaQuanquest Archive Data
qsbLenovo Smartphone Firmware Update
qtskQtracker PlayerWatch Skin Package
quadQUAD Compressed Archive
qualsoftcodeQualSoft Speedy Browser Archive
qupQuickTime Update Package
qzeQZip Encrypted Archive
raeTrueZIP Encrypted Archive
rarWinRAR Archive
rbfStellar Insta Backup Image
rdarReflection Desktop Customization Archive
remBlackBerry Encrypted File
restoreXilinx ISE Webpack Project Restore Data
revWinRAR Recovery Volume
rgeMicrosoft Entourage Archive
rhiRhino3D Installer Package
rkRK Compressed Archive
rkvRkive Compressed Archive
rncRNC ProPack Archive
roaRemark Office OMR Archive
rp1RSLogix 5 Compressed Project Backup
rp9RetroPlatform Disk Image Archive
rpaRenPy Archive
rpakRPAK Archive
rpmRPM Package
rpmsaveRPM Package Manager Package Backup
rresrResPacker Game Resource Package
rrmRandom Ringtone Manager Exported Playlist
rtuRivaTuner Update Package
rwaRealWin Backup File
rwdRWD Archive
rwpRapidWeaver Webp Package
rzRzip Compressed Data
rzipRemo ZIP Archive
s00ZipSplitter Splitted Archive
s7z7zX Compressed Archive
sa5SecretAgent 5 Encrypted Archive
saaSecretAgent Auto-encrypted Archive
sarSqueak Archive
sarcWii U SARC Archive
sazFiddler Session Archive Zip
sbSlax Bundle
sbbMicrosoft Accounting Backup
sbcSmart Book Compiled Distribution Data
sbeSafeBoot Encrypted Archive
sbkpUltimate Backup for BlackBerry Archive
sbrScribes Report Archive
sbsarSubstance Designer Archive
sbuSamsung Kies Backup Archive
sbxSeqBox Container
scoTotalRecovery Backup Image
sczOpenLimit SignCubes Zip Container
sczSmartDraw Collection Package
sdaPretty Good Privacy Self-Decrypting Archive
sdcStardock Central Download Archive
sdnShareware Distributors Network
seaStuffIt Expander Archive
seg1Stuffit Segment Data
segnStuffit Segment Data
semaSecured EMail Archive
senScifer Internal Header Archive
sfdsSingle File Data Storage
sfuOmnifi DMP1 System Firmware Update
sfzSFzip SoundFont Compressed Archive
sgbzipSaveGameBackup.net Archive
sharUnix Shell Archive
shinboShipInBottle Compressed Archive
shkShrinkIt Archive
sidfNBackup SIDF Backup Archive
sisPsion Series 3 Software Package
sisSymbian Install Package
sisxSymbian Series 3 Install Package
sit5StuffIt 5 Archive
skySKY Compressed Archive
skzSuperKaramba Compressed Theme
sleSisulizer Package
slpStampede Linux Package
smaSilva Media Archive
smeSamsung Kies Messages Backup
smemSamsung Smart Switch Message Data
smileboxSmilebox Starter Archive
smsbackupASUS Messaging SMS Backup
sn3Samsung Kies 2 Backup Data
snapSnappy Package
snappySnappy Compressed Data
snzSnappy SNZ Compressed File
sofReSOF Compressed Archive
sp#ShadowProtect Incremental Image
sp1ShadowProtect Spanned Backup
sparcSkype Plugin Archive
spbSamsung Kies Contacts Backup
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